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True’s dual-zone wine storage system has been designed to preserve your favorite vintage. Two independent zones allow for complete flexibility with a temperature range from 35°F to 65°F. Equipped with vibration-dampening racks that cradle up to 45 bottles ensures the ideal environment for your collection. Patented trilumina™ LED lighting gently illuminates your wine and allows you to choose from white, amber, or blue.


• Industry exclusive 300 series stainless steel interior and exterior.
• Zero-clearance hinging allows for integrated installation.
• Patented trilumina LED lighting gently illuminates your wine and allows you to choose from white, amber, or blue with the push of a button.
• Low-E, double pane, UV tinted glass.
• True Precision ControlTM with steel touch technology and readout provides digital accuracy within 1 degree.
• 5 glide out wine racks and 1 floor cradle that accommodates a total of 45 bottles.
• 2 independent zones that can be adjusted from 35°F (1.7°C) to 65°F (18.3°C).
• TrueFlex™ shelving system that allows convertability of either zone to a beverage center or refrigerator.


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Holiday Wine Guide – Get the Most Out of Your Wines this Holiday Season

Holiday Wine Guide – Get the Most Out of Your Wines this Holiday Season
Written by ULine contributor, Dave Barna


With the holiday season just around the corner, the time is appropriate to review and refresh our basic wine knowledge for common wine/food pairings and tastings. As many will agree, a well-chosen bottle of wine matched with a festive occasion is often an unbeatable combination. Whether you decide to share an inexpensive bottle of California Sauvignon Blanc or an expensive French Leflaive Puligny Montrachet, the occasion can only be heightened by the addition of an ideal wine selection. Selecting this “perfect wine”, as we all know is often a difficult and awkward task. Many feel intimidated by the topic in general and avoid asking the necessary questions to insure a suitable wine/food or tasting experience. Here are some very basic guidelines to remember when perusing your local wine merchant for holiday wines.

Tips for enjoying the perfect holiday wines:
• Delicate dishes should be accompanied by lighter, more delicate wines.
• Full flavored foods should be matched with fuller bodied wines.
• When offering more than one wine, you should aim to ascend in flavor and the quality of the wines served.
• Dry wines should be served before sweet wines (Sweet wines served first will cause the dry wine to taste more acidic).
• White wines before red wines.
• Light bodied before full bodied wines (Appreciating a fragile Pinot Noir after a robust Cabernet could prove difficult).
• Young before old wines (Any step back in quality will be noticed. If an old fine wine were to be tasted prior to a lesser wine, many of the fine wines subtle qualities may be missed).
• Fortified wines like Ports, Sherries and Madeira’s generally should be served last as they tend to diminish both the sense of smell and palate.

If offering an assortment of wines to your guests or having a wine tasting party, the sequence of when the wines are tasted is also important. Here are some of the common varietals in the order that they would be best experienced.

1. Riesling
2. Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris)
3. Sauvignon Blanc
4. Chardonnay
5. Pinot Noir
6. Sangiovese
7. Zinfandel (Red)
8. Merlot
9. Shiraz (Syrah)
10.Cabernet Sauvignon
11.Fortified/Desert Wines

Although following these guidelines should provide for a more enjoyable wine experience, remember that there is no absolute right or wrong wine for your holiday occasion. Experiment, discover, but most of all enjoy the wines you’ve selected and the renewed friendships that come with the holiday season.

Love Wine? Get your very own wine cooler today! (exclusive deal inside)


Your growing wine collection will feel right at home in this chic and classy Silhouette wine cooler. There’s plenty of room for your favourite wines to grow and age in this cabinet-depth appliance. The beautiful white LED track lighting system will showcase your impressive wine collection.

The roller-glide stainless-steel-trimmed wood shelves will help reduce vibration when choosing the perfect wine for the occasion and when replacing bottles.

The stylish built-in wine cooler is designed to integrate seamlessly into your home’s interior surroundings wherever you decide to place it. The digital thermostat and its LED display make it easy to read and control. The wine refrigerator comes with two distinct temperature zones that can be controlled independently. This allows you to store your white wines at one temperature and your reds at another.

In addition, the wine cooler comes with Silhouette’s effective fan-forced cooling system which always keeps it frost free. It also features a smart alarm system which will alert you if the door is left open and if there are any extreme changes to the interior temperature. When reaching for your desired bottle of wine it won’t matter if you’re left handed or right handed as the versatile door is easy to reverse.

DWC153BLSST_Right_ProppedAdditional Features

  • Two distinct, independently controlled temperature zones
  • All black interior emulates the traditional wine cellar
  • Precise digital thermostat with LED display
  • The temperature range can be set between 39°F-64°F
    (4°C-18°C) depending on the type of wine
  • Alarm will sound if temperature fluctuates excessively or
    door is left ajar
  • Our frost-free, fan forced cooling system provides a more
    consistent internal temperature than an automatic defrost
  • Seamless stamped stainless steel door with matching handle
    and toe-kick
  • Stainless steel trimmed wood shelves
  • Roller-glide shelves extend effortlessly minimizing
    agitation to the wine

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