Whirlpool: Laundry Made Simple with the Cabrio High-Efficiency Top Loading Pair


Everyday tasks can add up. That’s why Whirlpool is committed to making laundry time simpler. The easy-to-use console on the Cabrio laundry pair, and its intuitive features, take the guesswork out of caring for your clothes. From now on, your everyday can be a little easier.

Decisions Made Easy

Whirlpool understands that you have more important places to be than the laundry room, which is why the Intuitive Touch Controls ask the right questions to help you customize each laundry load:

What to Wash

• How to Wash

When considering “What” you’re washing you have a choice ranging from Bulky/Sheets to Delicates. Next, you choose “How” you’d like to wash the load, which customizes the water level, temperature, and cycle. The next time you use the machine, it will remember the settings from the previous cycle, saving you time and effort on laundry day.

Make Your Colours Last

You can rely on the Whirlpool Cabrio laundry pair to give even your most vibrant colours a boost with the ColorLast™ Option. Over time, fabrics can fade and be discoloured. By adjusting temperature, wash action, and wash time, ColorLast™ helps keep your clothes fresh, not faded – and they’ll last longer too. This pair also comes equipped with Adaptive Wash Technology, meaning the machine senses what you’re washing and adapts the appropriate wash actions to ensure clothes come out clean every time.

Refresh Delicates to Look Their Best

For those articles that you’d like to freshen up without rewashing, the Whirlpool Cabrio dryer offers aSteam Refresh Cycle. The dryer uses heat and water to relax wrinkles and reduce odours, all in under 25 minutes – perfect when you find yourself with last-minute plans or a busy schedule. This cycle is ideal for those pieces that you’d rather not wash frequently, helping to extend the life of some of your cherished yet delicate items.

Never Over-Dry

The Whirlpool Cabrio dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing monitors the heat and moisture levels in each load and automatically ends the drying cycle once the clothes are perfectly dry. Say goodbye to damaging your clothes caused by over-drying.


Every day, care.

You care for your family every day, which is why Whirlpool designs their products with unique features to make your every day that much easier. That way, you can spend more time with your family doing what you love.

To learn more about the Whirlpool Cabrio High-Efficiency Top Load Washer & Dryer Laundry Pair, click on the links below:

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Are You Using Too Much Laundry Detergent?

stm511e9e5f163dd20130215Have you ever looked at the cap of your laundry detergent to see where the line is? Do you just pour your detergent in without even measuring it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s quite a common mistake to make, but do you know what the repercussions can be? 

High-efficiency washers use less water, which means that they require less detergent to do their jobs. Many of us are used to our own laundry routines and don’t realize that the amount of detergent needs to be adjusted. If you ever noticed you still have soap in the washer when it’s finished, or that your clothing have a little residue left over – you definitely need to take note! 

According to Consumer Reports, detergent build-up can lead to mold, odors, and bacteria in the machine, which is exactly what you don’t want. Too much soap can clog filters and ports, causing the machine to break down eventually. Plus, some detergents cost 65 cents per load; using too much adds up.

So, while you think you’re doing your clothes a favour by adding a little extra detergent, you could be doing major damage to your washing machine and your clothes. 

Tell us, do think you use too much detergent? Do you measure or just pour it in the machine?

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Stop The Battle With Laundry


When doing laundry big loads don’t have to be loud loads. LG’s new WT1701CV top load washer handles your largest loads with ease – no wonder it’s called the washer with MEGA capacity at 5.8 cu. ft.

With twice as many dynamic suspensions and the world’s first horizontal anti-vibration system, LG’s TrueBalance™ Plus ensures loads of any size stay smooth and quiet when in use.

fast-forward-your-laundryLG is calling everyone to get to ready to fast forward laundry. LG knows that it is tiring to spend hours finishing up a famous chore – laundry. Good thing those long and dreaded days are gone – at least with LG they are. The revolutionary TurboWash™ Technology allows you to save up to 20 minutes on larger loads*, with outstanding cleaning performance! Yup, consider it as pressing a fast forward button on your laundry.

mega-capacity-WT1701CVLG’s 5.8 cu. ft. MEGA capacity top load washer can fit more laundry and still fit in a space of a regular washer. The LG WT1701CV lets you do five cubic feet of laundry in one load. Now that’s a lot of laundry. You can wash more and spend more time doing the things you rather do. When the washing is complete, use your LG DLEY1701V electric dryer to finish things up.

front-control-designAside from saving you time doing laundry and fitting more; LG puts a modern spin on the traditional top load design. The control panel has moved from the back to the front on LG’s WT1701CV top load washer and DLEY1701V dryer. Also, the buttons and LED display make it easier to read and use. These simple changes make for a more intuitive and functional design and a look that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Other great features and benefits that the LG WT1701CV washer offers you are:

  • WaveForce™
  • DirectDrive™ Motor
  • 10-year warranty
  • SmartDiagnosis™
  • 6motion™ Technology
  • ColdWash™ Technology


To learn more about the stunning LG WT1701CV MEGA capacity washer click here.

*Compared to other LG top load washers without TurboWash. Based on AHAM-HLW-1-2010 test protocol. Cotton / Normal or comparable cycle at default settings, 8 lb. loads. Excludes quick wash or comparable cycles intended for small, lightly soiled loads only


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