Father’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you’re planning a festive backyard get-together or a day of rest and relaxation, we hope you’ll be toasting the dads in your life!

For the dad who is a craft beer connoisseur brew preservation isn’t just a priority – it’s a necessity. The Thermador Under Counter Double-Drawer Refrigeration features Bar Mode, which chills craft beers to the optimal temperature for maximum refreshment. The drawers can be stocked with beers of all sizes, from tall, long-necked bottles to freshly poured growlers. Customizable, removable dividers that can separate the drawers into different areas will allow dad to keep his collection organized.

residential interior

Dads who are ultimate beer enthusiasts will love an at-home craft beer tasting. From ales and lagers to stouts and porters, selecting a variety of beer from different breweries will help him decide on new “Dad Approved” favorites. If you’re expecting guests, have everyone join in on the fun and compare tasting notes.


For a craft beer tasting snack that will win you even more points with dad, indulge in our tried-and-true Beer-Battered Onion Rings made with a medium bodied beer. If his go-to is chips and dip, take his favorite appetizer to the next level with a Creamy Halibut Dip with Serrano Chile. This unique spread is delicious and can be served with bread, crackers, tortilla chips, or raw vegetables.


However you spend your day with dad, we hope it will be a memorable one filled with delicious food and drinks.

Don’t forget to share your exceptional Father’s Day culinary moments with us on the Thermador Share the Exceptional page. Your moment might just end up on our social channels or in our next campaign!


Cheers – and Happy Father’s Day!

Thermador: A Century of Colour in the Kitchen

Over the past 100 years many design trends have come and gone. Vivid pink floral tiles may be a thing of the past, but there was a time when this was the hottest style trend and would have made neighbors green with jealousy.

While some vintage design trends quickly disappear, never to be heard of again, others become iconic and classic styles that are reused over and over throughout the decades. Thermador is a 100-year-old brand that has been through the best and worst of design trends – including the days of pink tile bathrooms. What can we learn from the kitchens of the past?

Color Appliances


The biggest kitchen style obsession during the 1920s was keeping the heart of the home sanitized and sparkling clean. This means that all-white kitchens were the rage, accompanied by a big porcelain farmhouse sink. The 1930s was a true game changer in kitchen design, due to the introduction of electric appliances. Thermador also launched its flagship line of cooking products in the 1930s! The use of bright and bold colors like yellow, blue and green emerged during this era, perfectly contrasting with checkered or patterned floors. During the 1940s and 1950s the use of color in the kitchen continued, however some families began to slowly transition to a more modern style. In fact, in 1947 Thermador pioneered the first stainless steel kitchen with a matching cooktop and wall oven (so far this is the only color that has NOT gone out of style for appliances!)

White Thermador Kitchen


The sixties were all about making a statement in the kitchen and you could often find mismatched colors and popular patterns in every room of the home. White appliances were also very trendy during this time period, especially the Thermador white wall ovens. In the 70s and 80s kitchens slowly began to move away from bright pastels as homeowners enjoyed earthy tones like wood and dark green.

Thermador 60-Inch Range


As homes got bigger so did the kitchen, and when the 90s came around homeowners began to eliminate style trends of the past and renovated with minimalism in mind. When it comes to kitchen design, homeowners often opt to blend different materials, finishes and colors to create unique and interesting spaces. Combining different types of wood, tile patterns or stone finishes can make the difference between lively and lackluster. As a result, refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges and other appliances became as decorative as they are functional. The standout stainless steel appliances that Thermador is well known for make a bold complement to a variety of other materials, from rustic wood to contemporary marble.

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen and color trends can come and go, but a smart mixture of textures and colors can take any kitchen design to the next level. With appliances that offer various options for personalization, Thermador allows culinary and design enthusiasts to create a kitchen that is as artistic and creative as the art of cooking itself.



Kitchen Planning

The first 50 years of Thermador were remarkable – we changed the way appliances were viewed, sparked life into the kitchen design industry, and began our legacy of innovation. This was a special time in Thermador history, and we’d like to share a few of our favorite ‘firsts’ from these decades.

Thermador Vintage Heater

Today, this 100-year-old brand is well known for its innovative appliances, and historically we have always pushed the limits with innovative appliances. Before Thermador even began producing kitchen appliances, we were developing and introducing innovative products that had never been heard of before. Thermador heaters, like the one pictured above, from the 1920s were likely the first “built-in” home appliances.Matching Thermador Cooktop and Wall Oven

As “The Kitchen of the Future” began to take shape and more Americans expressed a growing interest in kitchen design, Thermador innovation produced the world’s first wall oven with a matching cooktop in 1947 – making it possible to be more creative with how appliances were incorporated into the kitchen. While other manufacturers were producing colorful tile and white appliances during this time period Thermador also pioneered the first stainless steel kitchen.

First Thermador Pro Range

The brand showed no signs of slowing down, and during the 1950s introduced the first Pro Range, which was a stunning 48” stainless steel appliance featuring six burners and dual ovens. This appliance has greatly evolved since the 50s, and just in time for our 100th anniversary we are introducing a groundbreaking 60” Pro Grand® Range Collection, the perfect culinary tool for today’s ultimate culinary enthusiast and entertainer.

Cooktop with Griddle

In 1952 Thermador introduced the first electric cooktop, combined with a smooth griddle, which continued to provide Americans with a wide selection of appliances and cooking surfaces. Personalization is a very hot trend right now, but as we take a look into the past it’s evident that Thermador established itself as a brand that provides real cooks with choices that enable them to shape the heart of their home around their unique style.

First Warming Drawer

In 1952 Thermador introduced the first warming drawer to the American kitchen – a supplementary appliance that allowed culinary enthusiasts to keep bread rolls and side dishes warm while putting the finishing touches on a meal. This new product also allowed the host to bring a restaurant quality experience to guests with warm plates, something that had never before been offered within the home.

Thermador Built-In RefrigeratorAs kitchen design trends evolved more Americans enjoyed the look of built-in appliances, and in 1957 Thermador brought the first “Bilt-In” residential refrigerator to the market. Now culinary and design enthusiasts were able to create a complete Thermador kitchen with stainless steel, built-in appliances!

First Self-Cleaning OvenThe United States underwent a significant economic shift during the 1960s as women entered the workforce in greater numbers. During this time period the kitchen was still seen as a woman’s domain, but as traditional gender roles began to be redefined and women took jobs outside of the home there was growing interest in conveniences to make household chores simpler. Conveniences like the first self-cleaning oven, which Thermador created and introduced in 1963 and is still a popular oven feature to this day.

First Black Glass Oven DoorsThroughout its history, Thermador innovation has set numerous trends so it’s not surprising that the brand was the first to take a bold leap and kick-off a 40+ year trend with the first black glass oven door fronts. This style has carried into modern day, and you can see is still prominent even among the newest appliances being introduced to the industry.

Vintage Thermador Kitchen
During our first 50 years, Thermador introduced many other products to the market, such as the first ever built-in can opener, the first stainless steel dishwasher and different sizes of cooktops allowing multiple configurations. A true trendsetter, Thermador was, and continues to be, a brand that is committed to being a leader in the kitchen industry and producing innovative appliance for the culinary enthusiast.


Thermador Electrical Appliances

In 1916, the home – and kitchen – looked vastly different, without the presence of TVs, computers, or even central air conditioning. It was in this year, William E. Cranston founded Thermador, a company that would go on to reshape the kitchen industry and the kitchen forever.

Thermador was initially established as a manufacturer of electric items such as built-in heaters and air coolers that pre-dated car air conditioning, and are highly collectible items today. In the 1930s, the company’s passion for innovation and high-end performance accelerated when it began manufacturing electric appliances – rapidly sparking life into the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Vintage Thermador Ad

Since then, Thermador has introduced numerous “firsts” and reignited inspiration for the design and function of today’s kitchens and for culinary enthusiasts – with the brand becoming synonymous with innovation, power, performance and timeless design.  From introducing the first built-in wall oven and cooktop more than 50 years ago to changing the shape of gas cooking with the patented Star® Burner, Thermador thinking breaks the boundaries of convention and performance. Within the last decade alone, Thermador has introduced the first Freedom® Induction full-surface induction cooktop, as well as the Freedom® Collection preservation line of modular culinary preservation columns.

Entering its second century, Thermador is at the forefront of the newest paradigm shift in kitchen and home design: personalization. With the kitchen evolving into the central hub of activity and more gathering to partake in the cooking experience, today’s culinary enthusiasts want their kitchens designed around their own unique style of cooking and entertaining – and the possibilities offered by Thermador will exceed their expectations.

Not only does Thermador offer an array of cooking appliances in two different design styles, the Professional® Series and the Masterpiece® Series, but it also offers an incredible variety of highly customizable Culinary Preservation Centers. Now cooks can choose which cooking appliances match their unique cooking style, as well as which preservation configuration matches their entertaining style – whether it is a full wall of built-in refrigeration to store ingredients for weekend entertaining, a beverage center with wine refrigerators in a media room so guests always have a chilled drink within reach, or a breakfast center in the master suite so a chilled snack or beverage can be enjoyed upon waking up in the morning.

Thermador Refrigeration

Thermador has truly redefined what it means to be an ultimate cook and entertainer throughout every decade. In fact, as a testament to both Mr. Cranston’s and the company’s impact on kitchen design, in 1989 Mr. Cranston was inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Association Hall of Fame, and is credited with launching the kitchen design industry.

With an exciting year of celebration ahead, we also are proud to look back and share some of the amazing highlights of Thermador from the last 100 years here on this blog over the next 12 months. We also look forward to sharing with you more details on our centennial celebrations and other exciting Thermador news as we embark on our next century of innovation.


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