Why An AGA is Right for You


There are many reasons why people decided a while ago an AGA was not right for them. Whether it be their home, their cooking style or the fact they did not want their stove on all the time, many made up their mind and chose another appliance.  Some of the following customer constraints prevented them from purchasing an AGA:

  • It’s on all the time
  • Too hot in the kitchen
  • Too big for my kitchen
  • Too expensive to run
  • Too much heat for my well-insulated home
  • I do not cook during the week
  • We only cook quick meals
  • Cannot have a flue in the kitchen


Thankfully, AGA listened to those who felt this way and created an entirely new generation of AGA cast iron ranges which addresses each of the above constraints exemplifying why an AGA is right for you – why an AGA is right for any home!

A variety of AGA cast iron ranges are available giving customers a choice of models to suit their individual needs.  Thankfully the market for the AGA cast iron range has broadened as many constraints against owning an AGA have been overcome.  For instance, the AGA Total Control and AGA City24 give you the flexibility to operate each oven and hotplate separate and independent from each other.  The ovens on the AGA Dual Control models operate simultaneously while the electric hotplates operate separate from the ovens and independent of each other.  Dual Control ovens can be turned on, off or turned down to save energy.

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Bertazzoni Cooking: Induction vs Gas


The choice between an induction and a gas cooktop is not a simple one, as it depends on your needs and habits.

From the point of view of design, one must admit that an induction cook is gorgeous: in ceramic glass, smooth, flat, with touch controls. It is also easy to clean, simply by wipe cleaning it with a damp cloth. It is supplied by electricity. It is subject to a very low heat loss. Heat is evenly distributed over the surface of the pan. Thanks to an electromagnetic field, energy turns into heat only when it comes into contact with a pot and only inside it. A safety device automatically blocks the energy supply as soon as the pot is removed. Residual heat indicators, however, warn if the cooktop is still hot, even when the zone is switched off. Induction is even safer than gas, because no flames could possibly emanate from the burners, nor is there any danger of a gas leak. The cooktop remains cold even during use – save in the zone where you have placed the pot – thus eliminating the risk of fire due to distraction. The cooktop can therefore also be used as a counter. It is more eco-friendly than a gas cooktop and it requires, in general, less servicing. The control of the cooking temperatures is very accurate and adjustable thanks to digital displays. It is true that electricity costs more, but it is used for a shorter time, as its performance is by far superior.
It should be noted, though, that the use of full-power induction may require an increase in the electricity supply power, if you wish to use other electrical appliances at the same time. In addition, pots and pans must be made of steel with a high iron content. You cannot use aluminium, glass, ceramic or terracotta cookware. Therefore, a few typical dishes of Emilia-Romagna, such as pot roast, stew or risotto cannot be cooked at their best on an induction cooktop.

Professional Series full Suite.jpg
Induction is ideal to reach high temperatures in a very short time, for example with oil or water (about 4 minutes to bring 12.6 cups of water to boil), then the cooking time of food remains the same. Moreover, gas burners are easier and more intuitive to use, as most of us learnt how to cook on gas burners. So you feel more comfortable with gas, especially for the calibration and adjustment of the cooking temperature. In fact, you need a certain experience to use an induction cooktop properly. It is true that the heat generated by a flame is dispersed more easily than electricity, but burners are not all the same: Bertazzoni dual burners, for instance, with their separate controls, deliver the best-in-class heat-up times. In addition, gas cooktops cost, in general, less than induction cooktop. To finish with, an advantage of gas burners is that they work even in case of power outage.
If you hesitate between the two options, try the unique Bertazzoni segmented cooktop, winner of the prestigious Interior Design Best of Year Award. This highly flexible cooktop delivers the power of gas, together with induction and is also provided with a Teppan-Yaki griddle, typical of Japanese cuisine and very useful if you wish to cook in a healthy way a wide variety of foods, from meat to fish to vegetables, since it requires a minimum amount of fat. Preparing a healthy meal is easy: a few minutes to boil water on an induction zone, while making a sauce on a gas burner and grilling vegetables or fish on your Teppan-Yaki griddle. Healthy, speedy and tasty!

Pursuitist Named AGA Cast Iron Range Best Kitchen Appliance 2016

Pursuitist recently published an article highlighting luxury brand appliances they deem the best for your kitchen this year.  Pursuitist named AGA Cast Iron Ranges Best Kitchen Appliance for 2016 being sure to point out our Marvel Premium Undercounter Refrigeration which blends beautifully with our AGA ranges completing your kitchen design. The AGA Cast Iron Range was recognized for its unique cooking experience using cast iron, its vitreous enamel exterior available in 15 colors and the AGA cast iron range being tremendously flexible. Roger Scoble said it best,

“AGA. Aga has nearly a century of experience of enriching kitchens around the world. The Classic Aga Range employs cast iron construction and energy efficient heating, which combine to offer a truly unique cooking experience. Available in a variety of enameled colors; Aga ranges offer tremendous design flexibility. Now enhanced with complementary undercounter refrigeration Aga continues to redefine upscale kitchen design coupled with professional cooking prowess.”

AGA Marvel unveiled its latest product launches earlier this year paying focus to the newest AGA a la carte features, Customize Your AGA. Now with three integrated solutions you may add induction, gas top burners or a warming plate hotcupboard to any 3-oven AGA cast iron range. The 3-oven Total Control and Dual Control are the building block for such endless configurations.


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Pursuitist is an online publisher of luxury industry news and high-end reviews. Forbes has named Pursuitist the “best luxury blog”. Notable journalist and contributors include writers and luxury brands. For more reviews go to www.Pursuitist.comtoday.

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Recognized as the world’s best cooking appliance, the AGA commands a level of adulation more often associated with the glitz of Hollywood fame — and generates similar devotion. It’s deemed the number one luxury appliance brand and revered as one of the top three design icons of the century. It’s the kitchen centerpiece of celebrities, professional chefs and homeowners across America. AGA represents a lifestyle, one that owners embrace and share fervently with others.


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Introducing The Next Generation of AGA Cast Iron Ranges


The Next Generation of AGA Cast Iron Ranges bring more flexibility, fuel economy for modern cooking needs

The most recommended cooking brand in America announces the release of its new collection of AGA cast iron ranges, each designed to heighten expectations of today’s luxury kitchen ranges. Now with improved control, dual fuel options and better energy efficiency, the next generation continues to embody the well-known benefits of cast iron radiant heat cooking.

From the introduction of new fuel types to the ability to turn your AGA on and off, AGA cooking has evolved to ensure relevance in the 21st century. Embracing a centuries worth of heritage the iconic AGA boasts quality craftsmanship in an array of gorgeous colors. This new generation has a dedicated customer service center (AGA Kitchen Concierge at 800-525-5601) catering to every AGA lover’s needs.

On January 1, 2015, the company will retire its traditional AGA cooker in North America launching the next generation of AGA cast iron ranges which include the AGA Dual Control, AGA City24, AGA Total Control and the AGA Companion.



The AGA Dual Control harkens after the beloved traditional cooker with functional improvements to provide up to 30% more energy efficiency. This dual fuel option available with either gas or electric ovens, can be set to provide constant, indirect radiant heat, may be set to slumber for faster preheating times or may be shut off entirely during warmer months requiring less usage.

The AGA City24 model is a breakthrough category, offering the best of AGA cooking in a slimmer footprint, ideal for compact living or when a 24″ standard space is required. Or, two of these units can be combined to fill a standard 48″ opening.

The AGA Total Control features state-of-the-art touchscreen controls for multi-function flexibility and programming. Each oven and hotplate may be turned on or off independently or programmed to be ready to cook on a particular schedule.

And, the AGA Companion appeals to those who desire the iconic AGA look with conventional cooking solutions. This freestanding range also makes for a perfect companion alongside any cast iron AGA range featuring four versatile gas burners, a convection and conventional oven, broiler and easy to use controls.

These fully assembled ranges are now easier to deliver, install and maintain, too.


AGA MARVEL is a North American subsidiary of AGA Rangemaster, a premier international consumer brands group that manufactures and distributes some of the best known and loved kitchen appliances and interiors furnishings in the world, including these prominent cooking and refrigeration brands among others.

AGA is considered by high-end consumers and cooking enthusiasts to be the world’s best cooking experience. It’s the number one cooking brand owners are most likely to recommend on account of its quality construction, flexibility and ultimate ease of use.

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