Home has a new hub. Discover the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

Home has a new hub

The Samsung Family Hub is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a Wifi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before.



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Why An AGA is Right for You


There are many reasons why people decided a while ago an AGA was not right for them. Whether it be their home, their cooking style or the fact they did not want their stove on all the time, many made up their mind and chose another appliance.  Some of the following customer constraints prevented them from purchasing an AGA:

  • It’s on all the time
  • Too hot in the kitchen
  • Too big for my kitchen
  • Too expensive to run
  • Too much heat for my well-insulated home
  • I do not cook during the week
  • We only cook quick meals
  • Cannot have a flue in the kitchen


Thankfully, AGA listened to those who felt this way and created an entirely new generation of AGA cast iron ranges which addresses each of the above constraints exemplifying why an AGA is right for you – why an AGA is right for any home!

A variety of AGA cast iron ranges are available giving customers a choice of models to suit their individual needs.  Thankfully the market for the AGA cast iron range has broadened as many constraints against owning an AGA have been overcome.  For instance, the AGA Total Control and AGA City24 give you the flexibility to operate each oven and hotplate separate and independent from each other.  The ovens on the AGA Dual Control models operate simultaneously while the electric hotplates operate separate from the ovens and independent of each other.  Dual Control ovens can be turned on, off or turned down to save energy.

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Blomberg: In harmony with Nature, Home & You




Preservation of natural resources is a priority for Blomberg, where we continually strive to redefine the energy and water efficiency levels of home appliances.


Blomberg products are produced in factories that are ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets aims to put in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). Not only are our production facilities environment-conscious but also our products, which are all RoHS compliant and are manufactured with componenets that are 95% recyclable. RoHS stands for”the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances, limiting the levels of lead, cadmium, mercury,hexavalentchromium,polybrominatedbiphenyl (PBB) andpolybrominated diphenylether (PBDE) flame retardants.


UNIVERSAL AND TIMELESS DESIGN; Blomberg products are designed with the utmost care to detail. They are in harmony with your home through an aesthetic design that complements a variety of styles. The laundry products are in harmony with each other, and so are the refrigerator and dishwasher models by means of a common design language.



Blomberg products are in harmony with you because they try to make your life more enyoble. From easy-to-use controls to reliable safety mechanisms, from unique technological innovations to practical solutions, they will exceed all expectations.


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Pursuitist Named AGA Cast Iron Range Best Kitchen Appliance 2016

Pursuitist recently published an article highlighting luxury brand appliances they deem the best for your kitchen this year.  Pursuitist named AGA Cast Iron Ranges Best Kitchen Appliance for 2016 being sure to point out our Marvel Premium Undercounter Refrigeration which blends beautifully with our AGA ranges completing your kitchen design. The AGA Cast Iron Range was recognized for its unique cooking experience using cast iron, its vitreous enamel exterior available in 15 colors and the AGA cast iron range being tremendously flexible. Roger Scoble said it best,

“AGA. Aga has nearly a century of experience of enriching kitchens around the world. The Classic Aga Range employs cast iron construction and energy efficient heating, which combine to offer a truly unique cooking experience. Available in a variety of enameled colors; Aga ranges offer tremendous design flexibility. Now enhanced with complementary undercounter refrigeration Aga continues to redefine upscale kitchen design coupled with professional cooking prowess.”

AGA Marvel unveiled its latest product launches earlier this year paying focus to the newest AGA a la carte features, Customize Your AGA. Now with three integrated solutions you may add induction, gas top burners or a warming plate hotcupboard to any 3-oven AGA cast iron range. The 3-oven Total Control and Dual Control are the building block for such endless configurations.


Click here to learn more about the Best Kitchen Appliances for 2016.

Pursuitist is an online publisher of luxury industry news and high-end reviews. Forbes has named Pursuitist the “best luxury blog”. Notable journalist and contributors include writers and luxury brands. For more reviews go to www.Pursuitist.comtoday.

Frigidaire Professional: Everyday Return-On-Investment with Scott McGillivray


It’s no secret that the kitchen is the most valuable room in your home and the one that can bring the greatest return on investment when you renovate. But updating your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank or take a lot of time – a weekend is all you need to achieve a high­‐end, professional look.

Replacing your appliances is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your kitchen and make a big impact while doing so. The trend of a professional kitchen in a personal space is here to stay, and the Frigidaire Professional appliance line is one of my secret weapons for achieving that look. The smudge-proof stainless steel finish fits seamlessly into any kitchen style or design, while upping the ante with features like french doors on the refrigerator and 2-in-1 burner and griddle on the range. Adding complementary touches like modern, upgraded door hardware and a new, statement faucet will help tie the look together.

Changing a kitchen layout is a big expense, so installing new appliances that are standard size is key. The Frigidaire Professional appliance line – including range, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and cooktop – not only improve the look of your kitchen but they fit in your existing space. When you choose appliances that slide into standard size openings and also come in counter-­‐depth, you maximize space and minimize the amount of work required. The bonus? Having professional appliances that don’t look out-­‐of place in your residential kitchen.

A weekend kitchen update that starts with upgrading to professional appliances provide a great return on investment, especially when in conjunction with other smart updates. Evaluate your lighting and upgrade your fixtures. Adding extra task lighting under cabinets will also keep your new kitchen bright and functional. Swap out accessories and if you’re feeling adventurous, try updating your backsplash. All of these small updates work together to add value to your home without the time, mess, and budget of a full overhaul. Time to start cooking!

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