Bertazzoni Cooking: Induction vs Gas


The choice between an induction and a gas cooktop is not a simple one, as it depends on your needs and habits.

From the point of view of design, one must admit that an induction cook is gorgeous: in ceramic glass, smooth, flat, with touch controls. It is also easy to clean, simply by wipe cleaning it with a damp cloth. It is supplied by electricity. It is subject to a very low heat loss. Heat is evenly distributed over the surface of the pan. Thanks to an electromagnetic field, energy turns into heat only when it comes into contact with a pot and only inside it. A safety device automatically blocks the energy supply as soon as the pot is removed. Residual heat indicators, however, warn if the cooktop is still hot, even when the zone is switched off. Induction is even safer than gas, because no flames could possibly emanate from the burners, nor is there any danger of a gas leak. The cooktop remains cold even during use – save in the zone where you have placed the pot – thus eliminating the risk of fire due to distraction. The cooktop can therefore also be used as a counter. It is more eco-friendly than a gas cooktop and it requires, in general, less servicing. The control of the cooking temperatures is very accurate and adjustable thanks to digital displays. It is true that electricity costs more, but it is used for a shorter time, as its performance is by far superior.
It should be noted, though, that the use of full-power induction may require an increase in the electricity supply power, if you wish to use other electrical appliances at the same time. In addition, pots and pans must be made of steel with a high iron content. You cannot use aluminium, glass, ceramic or terracotta cookware. Therefore, a few typical dishes of Emilia-Romagna, such as pot roast, stew or risotto cannot be cooked at their best on an induction cooktop.

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Induction is ideal to reach high temperatures in a very short time, for example with oil or water (about 4 minutes to bring 12.6 cups of water to boil), then the cooking time of food remains the same. Moreover, gas burners are easier and more intuitive to use, as most of us learnt how to cook on gas burners. So you feel more comfortable with gas, especially for the calibration and adjustment of the cooking temperature. In fact, you need a certain experience to use an induction cooktop properly. It is true that the heat generated by a flame is dispersed more easily than electricity, but burners are not all the same: Bertazzoni dual burners, for instance, with their separate controls, deliver the best-in-class heat-up times. In addition, gas cooktops cost, in general, less than induction cooktop. To finish with, an advantage of gas burners is that they work even in case of power outage.
If you hesitate between the two options, try the unique Bertazzoni segmented cooktop, winner of the prestigious Interior Design Best of Year Award. This highly flexible cooktop delivers the power of gas, together with induction and is also provided with a Teppan-Yaki griddle, typical of Japanese cuisine and very useful if you wish to cook in a healthy way a wide variety of foods, from meat to fish to vegetables, since it requires a minimum amount of fat. Preparing a healthy meal is easy: a few minutes to boil water on an induction zone, while making a sauce on a gas burner and grilling vegetables or fish on your Teppan-Yaki griddle. Healthy, speedy and tasty!

Introducing Monogram’s Newest Induction Cooktop


Introducing Monogram’s newest induction cooktop! Its precise temperature control makes it ideal for sous vide and other precision cooking techniques. It also features smartphone-inspired glide touch controls and griddle-compatible sync burners. Perfect for those who seek restaurant-quality results in their own kitchen.


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Bertazzoni’s New Professional Series Induction Range

Bertazzoni is a company known for high-quality construction and alluring design. This year, Bertazzoni is introducing the new Professional Series Induction range. With it’s distinctive features such as the trademark knobs and professional look – this is sure to be a piece to look out for!

Bertazzoni’s new Professional Series Induction Range has been featured on Check out the video below to learn more.

Free Panasonic Cooking Demo – PLUS: Turtle Brownies with Pecans and Caramel Recipe


Have you discovered the power of Panasonic yet? This Saturday, December 13th the Mississauga TA Appliance store will be hosting a special Panasonic Cooking Demo between 12pm and 5pm.

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Induction cooktops offer Canadians a wealth of enviable features ideal for professional and home kitchens alike:

  • Safety first – As an induction cooktop uses a magnetic field rather than flames or elements to create heat, its surface remains cool to the touch, except for just underneath where the cookware sits.
  • Quick clean-up – The cooktop’s smooth, flat cooking surface area is easy to clean, and because it doesn’t get too hot, food doesn’t burn onto its surface.
  • Cool to the touch – Since the cooktop doesn’t heat up, your kitchen stays cooler – never worry again about heating up the kitchen while hosting a dinner or creating that special dish during the hot summer months.
  • Heating efficiency – Induction technology heats up cookware so fast that it can boil water and cook food faster than any other type of cooktop.

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Recipe from Frigidaire Gallery®: Butternut Squash & Kale Shells

What’s Induction?
Induction technology works by sensors automatically detecting the presence of magnetic cookware, activating the induction field and adjusting it to the exact size of the pan. Using electromagnetic energy, heat is transferred directly to the cookware — so the cooktop remains cooler for easy cleanup.
It is a professional-level cooking innovation preferred by world’s leading chefs and Frigidaire® brings it into your home by providing the largest assortment of induction ranges and cooktops.

Bottom line, it helps you get meals to the table faster with fast, energy-efficient and versatile cooking.
To get you started, Frigidaire Gallery® has highlighted a recipe that takes advantage of induction’s speed, precision, and versatility.

Why Induction?
See why people everywhere are making the switch to Frigidaire® induction.