Broil King Grilling Techniques: Indirect Grilling

The indirect method of grilling is a technique for cooking larger cuts of meat such as roasts or poultry. As the name implies, the food is not grilled directly over the heat but by hot air circulating around the food. This set up means there is no need to turn or baste the food. The result is delicious, worry-free barbecuing with little chance of flare-ups.

In this segment BBQ Naz shows you how to grill using the Indirect method. Indirect cooking is great for cuts of meat that take a while to cook. The indirect, convection oven like way the heat circulates around the oven keep the food moist. Watch and enjoy!


Indirect Cooking - Drip Pan

Juices and drippings fall and mix with the contents of the drip pan. This mixture will vapourize, impart delicious flavours and ensure a moist and succulent roast, chicken or turkey.

To use the drip pan method:

  1. Remove the grids and place the drip pan on top of the heat medium

  2. Pour water or other cooking liquid, such as fruit juice or wine, into the drip pan

  3. Replace the cooking grids

  4. Preheat the grill on HIGH for 10 minutes then adjust the heat to MEDIUM or MEDIUM/LOW

  5. Spray or brush the grids with cooking oil, then place the meat directly on the grids above the drip pan

  6. Close the lid, and sit back and relax as your food becomes infused with delicious flavour


Indirect Cooking - One Burner

  1. Place a drip pan over the heat medium, under the cooking grids, on the side of the grill where you will be turning off the burner

  2. Preheat the grill on HIGH and then turn off one burner.

  3. Brush or spray the cooking grids with cooking oil.

  4. When grilling beef or pork sear the meat on all sides using the lit side of the grill and then transfer it over to the unlit side.

  5. Regulate the heat setting to maintain your desired temperature, (generally MEDIUM)

  6. This method is wonderful not only for roasts but also for thicker steaks, chops and bone-in cuts of chicken.

Crown Verity: Cook Your Favorite Oven Recipe On The Grill. Here’s How.



Your oven cooks using indirect heat. Your grill uses direct contact heat. To turn your grill into an oven, you still want to heat the grill but, because you’ll be using it differently, you shouldn’t turn all the elements on. This effectively creates a baking/convection environment. It also leaves a place for you to put the food so it doesn’t touch a direct heat source. Which elements you prefer to use are up to you: some prefer to the inside burners while others like to turn on the outside ones instead.

Another must-do is to set your grill temperature 25 degrees F higher than what is called for in your recipe. This is because grills lose heat faster than an oven when the lid is opened. That extra little bit of heat will help compensate for it. And speaking of opening the lid, try to avoid unnecessary “peeking” since this will definitely affect your grill’s ability to cook evenly and will add to the length of time needed to finish. (Tip: If you’re using a baking sheet, a layer of foil between the sheet and the grill may help reduce scorching.)


Yes, your grill will do this beautifully for you. While there are veggie trays and steam pan accessories available for some grills, you can steam or poach on virtually any grill using a foil packet. Lay a large sheet on a flat surface. Place your ingredients in the centre then pull one side over to the other, roll the edges together to seal and fold the remaining side in to close. It’s recommended that you not seal this too tightly as there will be expansion during the steaming process.


Don’t be limited by the kinds of vegetables you do on the grill. Sure, there are the go-to veggies that are top performers like carrots, potatoes, corn, tomatoes and the like. But when you use your grill as your oven, it opens up a whole host of possibilities – options that your oven simple can’t offer. For starters, try amping up your greens. Have you tried grilling vegetables like cabbage or romaine? It’s the same as grilling corn or zucchini – just cut the head half, grease lightly with olive oil and place cut-side down on the grill for about five minutes.


Pizzas? Quesadillas? Yes, and more. Your outdoor grill can do just about anything that your indoor grill can – and then some. Your pizza stone will work just as well on your grill as it will in your oven. Quesadillas are another tasty surprise that you might not have thought about before. Desserts? Absolutely. There’s grilled watermelon, fruit kebabs, cobblers, even pies.

There really is no limit to the delicious possibilities that open up when you adapt a favorite recipe for the grill.

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