5 Things To Look For When Buying a KitchenAid Dishwasher



Dishwashers aren’t something you buy every day. With so many options available, it’s not always easy to know the one that’s right for you.

Here’s what you should look for when buying a new dishwasher:



Design is one of the very first things you’ll notice in a dishwasher. It should complement the design of your kitchen. Some things to consider:  Do you want a stainless look, white, panel ready, or black finish? Do you want the handles to match the rest of your appliances? A pocket handle for smoother finish?

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Not all brands offer dishwashers in every size. Make sure that the dishwasher you want is available in the dimensions you need at the height that is right for your floor and countertop. There is a minimum 33.5-inch (85.09 cm) installation height. Pay close attention to the depth requirements of your cabinets – islands, for example, are deeper.



Washing Performance
Here are some things to look for that will keep you off pre-rinse duty: targeted spray zones and water coverage can make a difference on the performance of a dishwasher. Well-placed spray zones can tackle baked-on messes, and clean deeper and oddly shaped items. Also, find out if it is a filter-based system. Filters minimize sound and optimize water and energy conservation, but do require some maintenance throughout its life to sustain its optimal cleaning performance.

Drying Performance
Tired of seeing spots? Heat dry cycles and stainless steel tubs can aid in drying, and be the difference between spotty and sparkly results. KitchenAid® ProDry™ option delivers the best drying* with the addition of a fan that optimizes the performance of the heating element.

In laboratory tests, KitchenAid received higher combined wash and dry scores than any other leading premium brand.**


decibel chart for dishwashers

When the kitchen is the heart of your home, you don’t want a noisy machine running. That’s why a low decibel level is important. That being said, most people can only perceive an increase in volume every 3 dBAs, so the difference between premium brands can be minimal. KitchenAid® dishwashers range anywhere from 39 to 46 dBA, without compromising clean for quiet.


Dishwasher Interior Flexibility

Do you do a lot of baking? Do you host dinner parties often? Everyone is different when it comes to how they use their dishwasher. When choosing a dishwasher, look for models that offer interior flexibility. Did you know that some dishwashers are designed to fit European-style plates, which tend to be thinner? Look for adjustable tines and top racks that allow you to customize to your exact needs.

For everything you need to know about KitchenAid Dishwashers. Visit KitchenAid.ca/Dishwashers.

For more dishwasher shopping help, read Dishwasher Myths Debunked.

*Among leading premium brands, with rinse aid

**Combined wash and dry results of leading premium brands; dry testing conducted with rinse aid.

GE Monogram: Luxury for Real Life


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Valentine’s Day Inspired – Red Appliance Ideas + CONTEST ALERT!

We’re in the spirit of RED for Valentine’s day! It doesn’t have to be a one-day thing – you can make a statement in your home all year round with these great appliance options!

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Love Wine? Discover the True Wine Cooler + Get a $100 LCBO Gift Card!


True’s dual-zone wine storage system has been designed to preserve your favorite vintage. Two independent zones allow for complete flexibility with a temperature range from 35°F to 65°F. Equipped with vibration-dampening racks that cradle up to 45 bottles ensures the ideal environment for your collection. Patented trilumina™ LED lighting gently illuminates your wine and allows you to choose from white, amber, or blue.


• Industry exclusive 300 series stainless steel interior and exterior.
• Zero-clearance hinging allows for integrated installation.
• Patented trilumina LED lighting gently illuminates your wine and allows you to choose from white, amber, or blue with the push of a button.
• Low-E, double pane, UV tinted glass.
• True Precision ControlTM with steel touch technology and readout provides digital accuracy within 1 degree.
• 5 glide out wine racks and 1 floor cradle that accommodates a total of 45 bottles.
• 2 independent zones that can be adjusted from 35°F (1.7°C) to 65°F (18.3°C).
• TrueFlex™ shelving system that allows convertability of either zone to a beverage center or refrigerator.


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