Why You Need a Bosch Warming Drawer


There are so many tasks in the kitchen that take time to complete – from dough proofing to de-frosting food, melting chocolate and everything in between. Considering that you usually need your oven to perform most of these tasks, it can prolong your meals’ preparation times quite drastically indeed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was another way in which you could perform these tasks without interrupting the cooking process? Well, with the Bosch Series 8 oven and its built-in warming drawer, now there is!

While the warming drawer has indeed been designed to keep your plates warm before serving, it has a number of other incredible functions too, all of which are guaranteed to reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in the kitchen. For instance, the warming drawer is able to:

– Proof dough: The warming drawer will handle this task for you, leaving you with extra time to prepare other components of your chosen meal.
– Melt chocolate: The warming drawer melts chocolate faster and more consistently than any standalone microwave ever could.
– De-frost food: De-frost food faster, without sacrificing on quality (as you would if you were to de-frost it in the microwave).
– Slow-cook meat: Free up your oven space and make use of the Bosch Series 8 oven warming drawer to slow-cook meat – save precious minutes / hours by using the oven to cook another aspect of your chosen meal at the same time.

Ultimately, the handy warming drawer provides you with endless opportunity to make the most of your kitchen and your meals.

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Crown Verity Recipe: Grilled Lamb Burger with Cheese


Recipe courtesy of Margarita Tsangarakis, Owner and Chef at Barangas.



  • ½ lb lean ground lamb
  • ¼ cup finely chopped white onion
  • 1-2 gloves of finely chopped garlic
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped flat parsley
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped mint
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • ¼ cup bread crumbs
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 egg
  • 4 oz of Kefalotyri cheese (popular Greek sheep’s milk cheese) cut in 6 equal pieces.


  1. In a large bowl, combine the first eight ingredients, add a lightly beaten egg. Mix all together (be sure not to overwork the mixture).
  2. Form the lamb mixture into 6 patties.
  3. To add the cheese, hold each patty in the palm of one hand, place the cheese in the center and press down until is no longer visible (you might have to re-shape the patty if it has lost its round shape).
  4. Grill the burgers on medium heat for 4-5 minutes on each side.

Aquamaster: 5 Signs that you could have Hard Water

5 Signs that you could have Hard Water

5 Signs that you could have Hard Water

Hard water, water that is high in mineral content, can affect the efficiency of your home’s appliances, stain your appliances, dull your clothes and clog your plumbing system. It can even dry out your hair and skin! Not to mention, hard water can cost you time and money.
1. Your kitchen appliances, showerheads and pots and pans have a white residue: The white film on your pots and pans, showerheads, bathtubs and kitchen appliances could be a result of the minerals in hard water. While these residues aren’t harmful to your health, they can be a pain to remove. They could even stain your fixtures! Yikes!
2. You have dry skin and brittle hair after bathing: In hard water, soap scum is very difficult to remove. If you have hard water, your hair and skin is most likely dry because of leftover residues from soap and shampoos. This soap scum could also cause skin irritations by forming a barrier preventing bacteria from escaping.
3. Your clothes aren’t as clean as vibrant as they used to be: After they go through the wash, your clothes should look as good as new. The harsh minerals in hard water can damage your clothes, causing them to dull and sometimes even stain. Not only does hard shorten the lifespan of your clothes, towels, etc., but it also forces you to spend your hard-earned money replacing these ruined items.
4. Your appliances, fixtures and pipes need repairs frequently: The minerals in hard water can cling to the inside of the pipes in your plumbing system. These build-ups can eventually cause blockages requiring professional attention or replacement. Trust us—a clogged plumbing system is a huge interruption to your daily routine, not to mention a financial inconvenience!
5. Your hot water heating costs are higher than average: If your costs are higher than the average household’s, you may be a victim of hard water. Over time, the mineral build-ups that occur in your fixtures and appliances when you have hard water can also appear in your hot water heater, affecting its ability to operate efficiently.


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Fall is the time for rich, warm and cozy colors that mirror the changing colors of the season.

No element of home decorating is more discussed or evaluated than color.  Each season interior design experts and forecasters weigh in with predictions of up-and-coming colors in the industry. At BlueStar, we offer almost endless possibilities for translating current fashion trends into practical kitchen décor with a new, complete commercial-style suite of appliances, including premium refrigeration, for the home.

To highlight what colors will be trending this fall, we have teamed up with Interior Designer Jill Calo of Payne & Payne Builders, our 2017 Kitchen Designer of the Year, to bring you the hues you’ll be seeing everywhere this fall/winter.  This collection is comprised of strong classic colors complemented by a few unpredictable shades. According to Jill, “Unexpected combinations such as Pastel and Purple Violets and rich Azure Blues are eye-arresting and create an unusual color dichotomy,” she said.

Check out this on-trend palette here:

What’s Hot for Fall 2017

Pastel Violet can be the star attraction in the kitchen, said Calo, when used on one main appliance in the kitchen, such as a gas range or double wall oven, and pairs beautifully with light natural wood cabinets, and light countertops.  Purple Violet suggests the color of a full-bodied wine and is a perfect accent tile in a small area, especially when combined with clean white countertops and medium grey cabinets.

BlueStar 48-inch Platinum Series Ranges in Pastel Violet and Purple Violet

Platinum Grey is still one of the hottest colors of the year for kitchens. This color is subtle enough to use for all appliances in a complete kitchen suite.

48-inch Platinum Series Range from BlueStar in Platinum Grey

Winter is Coming

The winter palate is inspired by Blue Agate, which is made from microcrystalline Quartz.  “We have been seeing azure blues from the fashion runways to weddings to home décor,” said Calo. “This blue can be applied to furnishings, countertops, framed décor and textiles.”  Plus of course looks stunning on a Platinum Range.

BlueStar Range and Refrigerator in Agate Blue

Azure Blue is an intense color and can be striking in a backsplash which can be backlit for a modern feel. “For a dramatic look, I would pair this blue with black cabinets and copper accents, such as the handles on the appliances,” said Calo.

Cobalt Blue is a classic variation of this shade that will stand the test of time.

BlueStar Platinum Series Range in Cobalt Blue

Pair with white cabinets or even dark grey for a stunning, on-trend look.

Remember this advice from our team of designers: use color to create a stunning focal point in your home kitchen with a freestanding range and kitchen hood or refrigerator.  Either saturate an entire surface (or appliance) with a rich hue, or choose colored knobs for a look that is trend-forward and easily swappable.  Continue to customize to your personal taste and cooking preference – from the configuration of the cooktop to the power of the burners.

Create your own BlueStar freestanding range or refrigerator now at our interactive Build Your Own BlueStar tool now.

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Danby: 10 Tips For People Who Hate To Cook

Many people dislike cooking, whether it is because they feel forced into it or find some meals a little too difficult to make well. Regardless, it is important to know how to cook at least a few simple dishes, if only to have more control over ingredients and be a little more self-sufficient. To that end, here are ten tips for people who hate to cook.

Upgrade Your Tools

One complaint among people who dislike cooking is that their tools just do not seem effective. Consider upgrading and investing in a few high-quality but versatile tools. A nice cookie sheet, for instance, can work to make French fries, chicken breast, and even roasted vegetables. Large pots can work for sauces as well as noodles or stir fry.

Create Pizza Fridays

If you have to cook every day, one major struggle is figuring out what to make for dinner. While you do want some variety in your menu, consider creating themed days like Pizza Friday, Taco Tuesday, or Thai Thursday. This way, you have a narrower range of choices on a particular day. You can, of course, still change things up even within your categories. On Pizza Friday, make a traditional pepperoni one week, but perhaps try something new like a Greek Pizza the next week. Different toppings will create a different experience.

Choose Simple Meals

One pot meals are great for saving you dishes. They also happen to be quite simple and often only have a few ingredients. Complicated meals, especially when you are a beginner, can work to dissuade you from enjoying the cooking experience.

Plan Your Meals

Another way to reduce the struggle of figuring out what to cook is to plan your meals. Use part of one day to plan what you will eat for the whole week. This way, you only have to decide once, and the rest of the week you just have to consult your list!

Build Around Ingredients

Sometimes planning the full meal stresses people out more than necessary. Consider the ingredients you enjoy (like chicken) or what you have available in your kitchen) and plan meals around those items instead.

Use the Same Dish

If you will have more than one course—a salad followed by a main course, for instance—consider using the same dish as much as possible. Put your main course on the plate after your salad is done! This reduces the hassle and amount of clean-up after.

Cook Once A Week

Choose one day, such as Sunday, and cook your meals in bulk for the rest of the week. Then, you can store things in your refrigerator and freezer until you need them. Reheating with your microwave, on the stove stop, or in a toaster oven is deliciously simple!

Cook With Friends

Cooking by yourself can be boring, especially for those who dislike cooking. However, you can make things more interesting by inviting some friends over to make dinner. Popular meals great to cook as a group include pizza (throw those toppings on!) and anything you can prepare on the barbeque.

Keep Staples On Hand

If you do not have the ingredients you need in your kitchen, cooking can quickly become a chore. To help combat this, make sure you keep your staple ingredients on hand as much as possible. This often means a lot of dry pasta, canned vegetables, soup, rice, and anything else that does not go bad. You can also freeze meat, vegetables, and fruit so they keep longer. Do not forget the spices either!

Cut Down On Time

If you want to cut down on cooking time—the time it takes to create a meal is a popular complaint—try tricks like soaking your pasta, quinoa, and other grains overnight. This reduces the cooking time in the evening by quite a lot. You can also cook these items (and similar) in advance and store them in your freezer. With rice, you can freeze it and pull it out for stir fry, fried rice, and even as a simple side dish.

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A signature sign of great grilled food is dark, bold sear marks. When we created our line of Genesis II and Genesis II LX models we also designed a special sear grate that makes it easier than ever to put some professional looking sear marks on your food that are sure to impress your guests and your taste buds.

Made of porcelain enameled cast iron, this sear grate retains heat exceptionally well, and the crisscross pattern gives you those diamond shaped sear marks that will have everyone at your next backyard BBQ convinced that you’re a bona fide Grill Master.

They are designed for use with our 3, 4 & 6 burner Genesis II and Genesis II LX models, and depending on which model you own, the grate is setup in one of two ways.

First you’ll need to take out one of the cooking grates on either the left or right side of the grill.

For a 3 or 6 burner model, you’d then place the sear grate into the space left empty by the cooking grate that was removed. You’d want to position the grate with the small “feet” facing upwards.

For a 4 burner model, the sear grate will be placed into the space left empty by the cooking grate, but it will need to be orientated with the “feet” facing down. The sear grate is also going to slightly overlap the cooking grate to the left by a few inches.

It’s also possible to use two sear grates at once, just make sure to leave the middle grate in place for 4 and 6 burner models.


  • Before using the sear grate for the first time, hand wash it with a mild dishwashing liquid. Then, thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Make sure to preheat your grill to about 550 F before you place your food onto the sear grate.
  • Lightly oil your food before putting it on the sear grate.
  • Sear each side of your food for about 1 to 4 minutes, depending on how thick the food is and what it is that you’re grilling. After that, you can move the food to a cooler area of the grill to finish it and achieved your desired doneness.
  • After use, wait for the grate to cool completely. Then, soak it in water to remove anything that won’t come off easily and hand wash the grate with warm soapy water. Rinse the grate and hand try it with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  •  Avoid using anything overly abrasive to clean the grate, such as metallic pads, brushes or harsh abrasive soaps. Also avoid gouging or scraping the grate with sharp metal utensils.