Give the Gift of Grilling – Limited Edition Weber Original Kettle


For a limited time only, Weber’s Original Kettle® Premium Limited
Edition is available in red. Featuring a commemorative LimitedEdition
badge and packaging, this is the perfect gift for the grill
collector or first-time charcoal griller. Visit your nearest retailer and
give the gift of grilling this holiday season!


• Iconic red bowl and lid
• Limited edition badge
• Limited quantity production
• Cooking area = 363 square inches
• Plated steel, hinged cooking grate
• Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
• Aluminized steel One-Touch™ cleaning system
• Removable, high-capacity, aluminum ash catcher
• Rust-resistant aluminum damper
• One glass-reinforced nylon handle with tool hooks
• Lid handle with heat shield
• Spring clip/push pin leg assembly
• Durable all-weather 8 inch rubber molded wheels
• Tuck-Away™ lid holder
• Built-in lid thermometer


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Thermador Holiday Grand Plan: Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season underway, there is a seemingly never-ending list of preparations. From perfecting home décor, to organizing the kitchen, to ensuring the dishware is sparkling, it is the busiest time of year for most. And with so many holiday get-togethers to host, managing it all can be overwhelming. My personal entertaining experiences have led me to develop a holiday grand plan. I am convinced these tips will help you breeze through the holiday season unscathed and stress-free!

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Grocery Shop Early

My home is the frequent hub of family holiday gatherings. Whether it’s a sensational soiree or a casual at-home movie night, the celebrations are plentiful during this time of year. One way to eliminate potential worry is to plan ahead – from grocery shopping and food storage, to cooking in advance.

After compiling my selection of recipes, I aim to check off as many items on my list. As most of my family favorites involve a ton of fresh produce, I opt to store everything in my Thermador 36” Fresh Food Column well in advance of the festivities. With a customizable interior that includes Delicate Produce Bins, I have the ultimate flexibility to organize my refrigerator the way that I need to. An all-new railing system enables the bins to be placed anywhere on the refrigerator door – providing optimal visibility – and with its ample storage space, I can rest assured knowing that I won’t run out of room for my fresh ingredients. Worry, be gone!

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Cook in Advance

For elaborate dishes, I prefer to cook in advance. And with the countless celebrations, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. With my Thermador 60” Pro Grand® Steam Range, I utilize the largest combined oven capacity on the market to accommodate professional grade catering trays, casserole dishes and large roasting pans – all at once. If that’s not a timesaver, I don’t know what is!

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Utilize Your Dishwasher

No holiday celebration is complete without impeccable dishes and glassware. And with the constant flurry of guests in and out of my home this time of year, I go through both. For avid entertainers, the dishwasher has become an essential part of the festivities. From providing pristine serving plates, to refreshing wine glasses, the dishwasher is a main fixture during every step of the entertaining process.

Rather than wait until the end of the festivities to begin washing, I rely on the Thermador Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasherto keep my dishes and glassware sparkling all the way through. With the fastest hot water cycle at just 20 minutes, my dishes are ready to serve with every exceptional course. Long gone are the days of washing between hosting duties – now I’m free to mix and mingle with my guests while keeping the delicious sips flowing. Happy holidays, indeed!

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Enjoy Every Moment

Perhaps my biggest tip for sailing through the holiday season is to relax and enjoy this joyful time with family and loved ones. While the holidays are filled with tons of busy events, focus on what’s most meaningful to create more happy memories!

What are some of the exceptional holiday dishes you prepare? Share your thoughts, tips and dishes with us in the comments or on our social pages: and @Thermador.

Happy Holidays!



There are a variety of styles to suit your kitchen, whether it’s for convenience, spacing, or design. Below are easy to follow explanations of common styles and how they can benefit your lifestyle:


Bottom Mount KitchenAid

The freezer is located at the bottom and can open with either a swing door or pull out drawer, depending on the model. The top refrigerator compartment offers a single door that is ideal for storing items of a variety of sizes, including beverages and condiments.

  • Eye-level visibility and access to fresh foods versus a Top Freezer, without having to bend down to access them.
  • Allow for frozen food items to be stored in an organized manner (either in a basket or shelves, depending on the model)



French Door Refrigerator

This sleek design has two refrigerator doors side-by-side that swing open like French doors. The freezer is conveniently located on the bottom with a pull-out drawer.

  • Offer outstanding flexibility in organizing your fresh and frozen food with more shelving and door bin options
  • Some models come with temperature control options to keep your food at its optimum freshness
  • Available in 3, 4 or 5 door options to fit your kitchen and your lifestyle needs



Side-by-Side Refrigerator

A stylish look with the freezer and refrigerator placed next to each other vertically, providing convenient eye-level access to both refrigerator and freezer.

  • The refrigerator side offers good organization for fresh foods with flexible shelving options and door storage
  • The freezer side has great visibility options for freezer foods with shelves and bins, or baskets, making finding your freezer food items quick and efficient
  • Side-by-Side fridges come in a variety of width, depth and capacity to fit your kitchen design


Built-In Refrigerator

A timeless showpiece to go with your dream kitchen. Built-In refrigerators generally are taller and wider than freestanding fridges to maximize capacity. While this style is always counter depth, some of these refrigerators will also be flush with your cabinetry for a seamless, integrated look. They are typically installed during a kitchen renovation because they need to be built in to the cabinetry.

  • They often come with Panel Ready options that allow the exterior to match the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, creating a seamless look within your kitchen
  • Built-in fridges come in a variety of styles like French Door, Bottom Freezers and Side-by-Side
  • Available with ice making and water dispensing options
  • Come in widths of 36”, 42”, 48” and wider


Refrigerator Dimensions Diagram  Refrigerator Dimensions Diagram

To make sure you get a perfect fit for your home, you will need to measure the space you have for the refrigerator carefully. As fridges come in many width and height configurations, measuring correctly is very important.

Follow these steps and remember to measure twice:

1. Measure the width, height, and depth of the refrigerator space.

2. Measure the hinge space where the door swings open. This needs to have approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm) of clearance so that the doors can swing freely.

3. Measure the door opening space in front of the fridge to ensure the door will be able to open fully.

4. Account for ventilation space; there should be at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) of extra room for the refrigerator at the top and back to allow proper airflow all around.

5. Ensure your refrigerator will fit through any doorways, hallways, and stairs it may need to pass through to be set in place.

Helpful Tips:

• Common widths include 24”, 30”, 33”, 36”, 42”, 48” (61cm, 76cm, 84cm, 92cm, 107cm, 122cm).

• Most products will have specific guides for fridge dimensions that can be found online that help you confirm the dimensions you need for your space.


There are a variety of helpful features available depending on the style and model of your fridge. Here are some important features to consider:

Food Freshness

Refrigerator Interior with Preserva® Food Care System

Look for these features that will help keep your food fresher longer:

  • Humidity control drawers – These drawers come in different sizes and quantities, depending on the refrigerator. They allow you to adjust the humidity level of the compartment, keeping your produce at the optimal freshness for a longer period of time.
  • Produce preserver options – Absorb ethylene gas omitted by certain fruits and vegetables in the crispers to extend the freshness of your produce.
  • Programmable temperature controls – In order to best store your meats, fish, beverages and vegetables, controls allow you to adjust how cold certain areas of your fridge are to suit your grocery needs. Normally found on crispers, pantries, and French Door fridges with 4 or 5 drawer configurations.
  • Air filtration systems – Filters built into the fridge can help eliminate bacteria and odours to help keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.



5-Door Refrigerator with open doors

Look for features that make it easy for you to keep your foods neatly displayed and easy to find.

  • Adjustable shelving – Flexibility in adjusting shelves is important when storing a variety of items of different heights, whether they are party platters or milk cartons.
  • Size of door bins – Can help make your beverages, condiments and items you want to be accessed quickly easy to grab, while maximizing your refrigerator space.
  • Extra spaces like pantry drawers, deli shelves, and temperature-control drawers can provide a variety of options for storing various foods. Pantry drawers are great to store deli platters and appetizer trays easily.
  • Tiered shelving in the freezer helps improve storing and retrieving of your favourite frozen food items.



Water & Ice dispensing

Refrigerator Door Exterior Ice Dispenser

Some fridges come with the option of dispensing filtered water and ice. This feature requires you to have a water line available to connect to your refrigerator. External Dispensing vs. Internal Dispensing options:

  • External Water and/or Ice Dispenser: A convenient option where the dispenser is located on the exterior of the refrigerator. Perfect for those who get thirsty often, this dispenses both filtered water and ice without having to open the refrigerator door. Offered features include measured fill and cube and crushed ice options.
  • Internal Water and Ice Dispensers: The Filtered Water dispenser is accessed from inside the refrigerator. The icemaker located in the freezer dispenses filtered ice into a bin where it is stored for easy access for whenever you need it.


Energy Label


  1. Compare. Check the label for the type and size information to be sure you are comparing models that are truly similar
  2. Check the number.For appliances, the number is a measure of consumption, not efficiency: the lower the number, the better.
  3. Use the scale.The scale identifies, at a glance, the models’ energy performance compared to similar models. (The further left the pointer is on the scale, the better).





Whirlpool Tips : Changing Over Your Closets


Why does winter always seem to take us by surprise? I don’t know about you, but come fall I seem to turn into this person who likes to pretend that the seasons don’t change. You know, that we could be stuck in an autumn holding pattern until spring arrives yet again.


And then the snow falls, and there I am. Just a mom, shivering in a tank top, wondering where all the winter gloves and hats have gone.


Anyways, there I used to be. Because after that happened a few times, I wised up. With 3 kids to care for, and seasons changing whether I liked it or not, I knew I had to get it together. So I asked my mom, who is an organizational pro—with limited closet space—how she turns her house over for the colder months (and vice versa come spring). She gave me some stellar tips which I’m pretty happy to pass along to you. I’m generous that way.


1. Do a closet purge. Be merciless. If you didn’t wear it this season and you’re not going to wear it next year when the temps are right again, don’t waste your time packing it away. Culling your closet now will make storage a lot easier. And when you unpack it,
2. Check your stuff. Take a good look at the things you are keeping. Does anything need repair or cleaning? Make a pile of everything that needs to be washed, and do a separate load just for the items that will be packed away. Personally, I don’t worry if I just have a garments to be washed since my High-Efficiency Whirlpool Top Load washing machine has an Adaptive Wash System which senses the need and size of my load and adjusts the water level accordingly. The active spray technology sprays the load with a mixture of detergent and water in a cone shaped pattern, ensuring better and even cleaning performance. You’ll thank yourself when you turn your closet over and unpack ready-to-wear clean clothes. And, things move a lot quicker when the intuitive touch controls remember my settings from the last time I washed.




3. Sleep tight. If you haven’t already thought of this, get winter and summer weight duvets. You’ll sleep a lot better with the right covers. Before packing up your off-season bedding, throw it in for a good wash to make sure it will be fresh when you’re ready for it. The Whirlpool top load washer’s large capacity of 6.1 cu. ft. can handle even a king sized duvet, or a whopping amount of sheets!



4. Pack tight. I have lots of storage space, so I use labelled large bins for our off-season clothes. I store off-season bedding in the same zippered bags they came in. But my mom, well she’s a pro and uses compression bags. She can fit 2 people’s wardrobes in those under the bed storage bins. Enviable skill!


5. Start early. Surprisingly, I take full ownership of this one. For a disorganized person, I had quite a system for winter and summer accessories, obviously borne out of the necessity that comes from caring for 3 growing children. I have a little set of plastic drawers that houses all the various hats, gloves and mittens. Each person has their own drawer, and I clean it out at the end of every season, chucking anything that is too worn or too dirty and checking to see if there’s room to grow or they’ll need new next year. I wash all of the winter coats, fleeces, gloves and hats in one huge load (one more reason to love my Whirlpool Top Load) at the end of winter before I store them away. Then, I do an inventory just before the season changes (so for winter, in September) and then head to a discount store to stock up on whatever is missing.



Do you change your closets and bedding over for the season? What tips do you have to share? Want to wash like a boss like I do?
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