Designer Spotlight: Meet Suzanne, of Suzanne Tait Designs

Meet Suzanne, of Suzanne Tait Design.


Suzanne studied Interior Design at Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. After graduating, she continued her internship designing residential homes, to restaurants and nightclubs in Toronto. Suzanne has even been featured in the original The Designer Guys.

Suzanne continued her career ­­in Vancouver, where she joined British Columbia’s largest home builder as a Senior Interior Designer. Liaising with architects on initial planning, material choices, and working on the company’s show homes that had a reputation of being the best in Vancouver. Suzanne decided to move back home and set her roots back in Kitchener, Ontario, where she is today- servicing the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

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Suzanne Tait specializes in mill work and cabinetry design, kitchen and bathroom design, art selection, accessorizing needs, space planning, colour, material and fabric consultation. Suzanne works with a range of design styles, from Traditional to Contemporary, guaranteeing she can find the look you want!


Suzanne incorporated a beautiful Blomberg range into her design (BERU30420CSS). A large 5.7 cu.ft oven capacity, self cleaning, and a XL 12″ cooking capacity… This oven not only looks great, but it’s ready for all your baking, roasting, warming and cooking needs.

Partnered with Timberbarn Cabinetry for beautifully custom painted white cabinets, tied together with a reclaimed brick-look tile backsplash and silver decor for an elegant kitchen style.

Suzanne and her clients decided on a stainless steel french-door appeal for the refrigeration (BRFB2230SS). With blue light technology to maintain vitamins in your fruits and vegetables, frost-free to keep your food fresher longer, and an antibacterial carbon filter to eliminate bacteria – This fridge is meant to look great in your kitchen, and keep your food fresher, longer. Everything is tied nicely together with airy light whites and stainless steel, for a clean and modern look.





Suzanne’s biggest challenge in this design was incorporating a dual purpose nook. As seen in the previous picture, the built-in table hides without enclosing the dog crate. Quickly turning into a desk/work station by adding the chair. Not to mention, a classy wine cooler close by for those hard Mondays



“What is the one thing you would want potential clients to know?” Suzanne answered, no project is too big or small. Projects need not be limited by size or area, and Suzanne’s services are tailored to each client’s budget and needs. You can consult Suzanne for a 1 hour consultation, or she can help you with your entire dream kitchen renovation. To contact Suzanne, email or visit her website at Or, connect with her on Instagram.



Suzanne worked directly with Terry Beingessner of the TA Appliance Kitchener Showroom, who specializes in working directly with designers, trade partners and their clients. Terry has been in the appliance industry for several years and has great experience with the premium appliance brands. Terry’s hard working and kind personality make her the complete package of appliance specialists. Contact Terry anytime at  or call 519-578-0300 ext.3302.


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Danby: Planning an Outdoor Bar: 3 Important Things to Consider

Whether custom-built or store-bought, adding an outdoor bar to your backyard makes it even easier to host a great summer party. But there is plenty to consider when it comes to planning your backyard bar set-up. Keep these things in mind when you’re planning to buy or build an outdoor bar this summer!

Best outdoor bar fridge

1. What Size of Bar Fridge to Buy

Chances are that you already have a picture in your mind of how your outdoor bar should look. But a bar isn’t a just pretty piece of furniture; it should work for you and your guests.

Along with the size of your backyard, the size of bar you choose should depend on:

  • How you plan to use the bar (for example, is it only for pouring and serving, or will guests be eating and drinking there? Do you want room to play card games?)
  • The number of guests you plan to serve at once
  • Room needed for appliances (like a blender, ice maker)
  • Space for an outdoor bar fridge or kegerator

2. Buying an Outdoor Bar Fridge vs Indoor Bar Fridge

Aside from barstools and the bar itself, the centrepiece of an outdoor bar is the bar fridge. After all, what’s the fun of an outdoor bar if you have to step indoors for a refill?

However, not just any fridge will do. A fridge for an outdoor bar must be rated for outdoor use.

The main differences between outdoor and indoor bar fridges are:

  • Outdoor bar fridges have more insulation and more powerful cooling components to maintain the temperature in a fluctuating outdoor environment.
  • Outdoor bar fridges are designed to resist the elements, with a rust-proof finish and weatherproof electrical components.
  • Outdoor bar fridges are generally smaller than their indoor counterparts, ranging from 3.3 to 4.4 cu.ft.

Most mini-fridges and beverage centres are not designed to function in fluctuating outdoor temperatures. The components will quickly wear out as the fridge works overtime to keep up with the cooling demand (and may not keep its contents cold enough regardless).

3. Where to Place a Bar Fridge in an Outdoor Bar

Outdoor bar fridges are designed to withstand the great outdoors, but where you place the fridge within the outdoor bar set-up will impact its efficiency.

  • Place the bar fridge away from direct sunlight to reduce energy use and prolong the life of the cooling components. Add an umbrella or an awning to create a shaded area if your outdoor bar is not under a roof.
  • Keep some distance between the bar fridge and bar to allow for proper ventilation. Check the product manual to see how much clearance the fridge requires.
  • Never place a bar fridge next to a BBQ. Both appliances expel heat, so placing them together puts additional stress on the fridge’s components. Plus, for safety reasons, you don’t want guests kneeling or bending near the BBQ.

Put the right fridge in the right place, and your outdoor bar is set for years to come.


This summer, the weather is not the only thing bringing the heat. Here are some of the season’s hottest design elements we are loving right now.


Woven Accents

From boho-chic chairs to open and airy pendants, woven accent pieces instantly evoke the feelings of the season. A nod to the natural movement that is reigning supreme in design this year, woven décor draws on minimal materials that stimulate our senses. Whether you select custom paneled or bold stainless steel, Thermador appliances are the perfect complement to counterbalance this whimsical style.

blog 725Designed by Constance Riik


A trend that has seen many transformations, metal is back with a vengeance this summer. Yellow and rose gold remain especially popular, and Thermador stainless steel appliances pair and match with a variety of materials, colors and styles which allow you to create a timeless kitchen. For a fresh take, mix metals with pops of color and diverse textures to create unique combinations and the ultimate custom look.

blog 725 2Designed by Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson

Statement Rugs

Statement rugs serve as the foundation for any space, and in the summer months when bright colors and fun patterns are all the rage, a stylish rug can easily transform the look of your kitchen to match the season. If a new paint job is too permanent a change, you can still invite color into your design with a show-stopping rug that not only adds a splash of summer, but also brightens up your entire kitchen’s atmosphere. Pair with bold Thermador appliances and your striking design will truly pop.

blog 725 3Designed by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Mixed Textures

Assorted textures are a wonderful way to add depth of character to your space. A mixture of rough and soft textures can instantly bolster a kitchen design. Try a surfaced window display or combine hanging pieces with tiled walls. The textured elements can offset a monotonous wall pattern while still staying true to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. With Thermador appliances to complete the look, your kitchen will exude a classic feel that will stand out through every season.

blog 725 4Designed by Vaso Peritos

What top trends are you incorporating into your kitchen design this summer?