Broil King Recipes: Grand Marnier Kabobs



recipe_80092.jpgGather around the grill with this inspirational recipe and grilling ideas for family and friends.

  • 3 apricots, firm & fresh
  • 3 figs, firm & fresh
  • 2 slices pineapple, 1 inch thick
  • 2 tangerines
  • 2 bananas, firm & fresh
  • 2 red delicious apples
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp fresh orange juice
  • 1 tbsp grated orange peel
  • 1 tbsp Grand Marnier




  1. Cut apricots in half, remove pits. Remove stalks and cut figs lengthwise in quarters. Cut pineapple slices in chunks. Peel tangerines and cut in quarters, leaving membranes on. Peel bananas and cut into 1″ slices. Peel apples and cut in quarters. Remove core and cut each quarter crosswise. Sprinkle apples and bananas with lemon juice to keep from discolouring.
  2. Thread a mixture of fruit onto 6 skewers starting and finishing with apple and pineapple. To prepare sauce, melt butter in a small saucepan. Stir in powdered sugar, then Grand Marnier and orange juice and peel. Brush kabobs with sauce. Cook over MEDIUM heat, 5-6 minutes, basting frequently with the sauce, and turning to brown evenly. Serve hot with remaining sauce.

Weber: Griddled Breakfast

I am not a morning person. It takes every ounce of energy, and a few brimming cups of coffee, to get my day moving in the right direction. On the weekends, to aid my “suffering,” I like to give myself something to look forward to, a reason to not only take on the day headstrong but perhaps even early. Seeing my happy place is outside on the deck, there is no surprise my motivation to get moving on a Saturday is to grill breakfast.

With a love of grilling, you experiment not only with what to grill, but when to grill, which makes breakfast a natural addition. Every day, for as long as I can remember, I’ve started every morning with a cooked breakfast. A small fry skillet is perfect for a few eggs and bacon. However, if I want to feed a larger group, add a little more variety, add a lot more flavor, and take the work outside, the grill is my destination.

One of my favorite gas grill accessories, whether on the Summit, Genesis II, or Spirit II, is the griddle. The griddle is the perfect hard surface to cook more delicate items, such as eggs, bacon, or hashbrowns. Also, I didn’t mean “or,” I meant “and,” because breakfast requires all three.

Breakfast On The Gen Ii Griddle 1

I’m quick to throw sausage patties on the grates, but sausage links end up on the griddle. By grilling the patties on the grates, their fat renders hitting the flavorizer bars which in turn blast flavor not only back on to the patties, but whatever is on the griddle. Be prepared for flavors not found in the kitchen.

2018 Spirit Ii Griddle Breakfast 6

It’s said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At my house, when it’s grilled, it’s the best.

Danby: 5 All-Star Gifts for Dads Who Can’t Wait for Summer

From camping trips to patio parties, we have Dad to thank for orchestrating some of our fondest summer memories. Now, it’s your chance to help him have another summer to remember. These all-star Father’s Day gifts are great for dads who are counting down the days to their first summer BBQ.

  1. Kegerator

Danby Kegerator

Beer just tastes better on draft. It’s a fact. But having beer on-tap at home used to take a whole lot of work. That’s the beauty of the kegerator: a compact, premade keg cooler and tap that’ll give your dad the joy of draft beer without the hassle.

The kegerator is easy to set up and use, and it’s compatible with his choice of home-brewed or store bought kegs (no judgement on brand, either). It’s perfect for playoffs season, patio season, or any other season that calls for cold beer.

  1. Outdoor Refrigerator

5 All-Star Gifts for Dads Who Can’t Wait for Summer

Outdoor kitchens and wet bars are increasingly popular, and neither is complete without an outdoor fridge. Outdoor refrigerators are designed to withstand the summer heat, keeping beverages and BBQ condiments fresh and cold even in tropical temperatures.

If your Dad loves to throw backyard BBQs, and he can’t stand people walking to the fridge with their shoes on, this is a top-notch Father’s Day gift. It’s also a great choice for a dad who has recently downsized, since it’ll let him extend his living space outside (whether he has a balcony or a full backyard).

  1. Wine Cooler

Danby wine cooler in loft

Here’s something to go with your Dad’s favourite bottle of Amarone. Climate has a drastic effect on the taste of wine, and it’s not easy to strike the right balance: the fridge is too cold, and room temperature is usually too warm, especially during summer. The solution? A Wine cooler.

This tiny wine chiller maintains the ideal temperature for wine and fits right on a countertop. It’s an awesome Father’s Day gift for dads who make their own wine, or just like to have a few extra bottles on-hand.

  1. Portable Ice Maker

ice maker

When you think of great gifts for dads who love camping, an ice maker probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But your dad probably has enough lawn chairs already, and ice is always in high demand when you’re working with limited fridge space.

A portable ice maker will save Dad a trip (or three) to the campground store. If your dad asked for a new cooler, surprise him with one of these as well.

  1. Silhouette Reserve

silhouette reserve

For some men, wine is an indulgence. For others, it’s a hobby. And then there are those whose obsession with wine makes you look up the word oenophile.

That’s the sort of dad who will appreciate a gift like Silhouette’s Reserve wine cooler, which protects up to 37 bottles from invasion by even the slightest bit of heat, humidity, and vibration. Consider the Reserve if your Dad likes to surprise his summer party guests with a bottle from his personal collection.

Broil King: A Guide To Grilling with Wood and Smoke

Slow smoked chicken, ribs, and brisket are staples of traditional American barbecue. The deep smoky flavours and fall-off-the-bone tenderness is a hallmark of the low-and-slow (low temperature, cooked over a long time) cooking technique. Originally, open pit fires were used for the slow cooking process. Luckily, now with a smoker box, wood chips and a gas barbecue, backyard chefs can taste the smoky flavour of wood and cook with the convenience of gas.


Here are some helpful tips for adding smoky flavour to your next backyard meal:

  • Wood chips should be soaked in water for at least an hour before using. Drain them and add them to a stainless steel or cast iron smoker box.
  • Fill the smoker box two-thirds of the way with chips and place the box on either the heat plate above the burner or on the cooking grids.
  • Add wood chips 5 – 10 minutes before putting your meat on the grill – raw meats take on smoky flavours much better than even slightly cooked meats. Having a smoky environment to start will enhance and deepened flavours.
  • Smoked meats will have a deep pink ring on the outside – this indicates how deep the smoke has penetrated your meat.
  • Hickory is probably the most famous smoking hardwood. It imparts a strong hearty flavour to meats and is used mostly to smoke pork shoulders and ribs.
  • Mesquite is one of the most popular woods, it is sweeter and more delicate than hickory, and is a perfect complement to richly flavoured meats such as beef, duck or lamb.
  • Apple has a sweet, mild flavour and is used mostly with pork and game, but can be used for poultry as well.

Visit for more great grilling tips and recipes.

Happy Grilling!


As someone who often takes entertaining outside of the kitchen, I enjoy hosting guests throughout my home. And, since Thermador appliances are not limited to the kitchen space, they can often be placed in multiple areas of the home – depending on the entertainer’s unique needs and personal style. For those ultimate entertainers who, like me, love to entertain their guests beyond the boundaries of the kitchen, look no further: Thermador is introducing the all-new Freedom® Under Counter Refrigeration Collection – completely redesigned and enhanced to provide even more exceptional personalization options that can be placed in the kitchen and beyond!

blog 1

Brand new for 2018, Thermador is debuting four refrigeration units: the new Combo Drawer Refrigerator and Freezer and new Glass Door Refrigerator, as well as the newly designed Glass Door Wine Reserve and Double Drawer Refrigerator. Whether preparing for a large cocktail evening or celebrating with a small family gathering, the Thermador Under Counter Refrigeration Collection is the perfect hosting companion!

With innovative new features and customization options, the all-new Under Counter Refrigeration Collection embodies everything the exceptional entertainer needs and more. For the ultimate host, the Combo Drawer Refrigerator and Freezer offers shelf separators for easy storage of drinks and frozen foods, in addition to independent control drawers, a filtered automatic ice maker, SoftClose® Drawers and the Door Open Alarm feature. You will be sure to provide the ultimate elevated entertaining experience to your guests!

blog 2

As no celebration is complete without an exceptional bottle of wine, the Under Counter Glass Door Wine Reserve sees to it that you’ll always have a perfectly chilled selection on hand – no matter the occasion! From Chardonnay, to Pinot, to Rosé, you can rest assured knowing that your wines are stored at the perfect temperature. Boasting quality temperature management, all-new wine dowels (which promote stability and allow for less sediment movement), enhanced dual cooling zones and new front profiles for an eloquent design, you’ll always have the perfect pairing ready for a memorable event.

blog 3

For the host who loves to show off her signature style, the new Glass Door Refrigerator is the perfect match! Boasting LED lighting, a SoftClose® door and hinges, fully adjustable tempered glass shelves, customizable cooling modes and the Door Open Alarm feature, this stunning unit leaves nothing to be desired. From party platters to brisk beverages, the Glass Door Refrigerator holds all of your preservation ambitions – and, like all of the new Under Counter units, can be selected in a striking stainless steel finish or custom paneling. While your Under Counter unit will beautifully blend in with a variety of designs, it’s even better at standing out from the crowd.

blog 4

With the all-new Freedom® Under Counter Refrigeration Collection, innovative new features and customization possibilities allow for a stunning array of refrigeration and freezer options. Every feature is meticulously designed, so you can preserve every exceptional moment for endless celebrations to come!

For additional information on the new Freedom® Under Counter Refrigeration Collection, please visit:


Weber: How to Grill Indirect on your Gas Grill

The Indirect method means that the heat is placed either to one side or both sides of the food. You will use the indirect method for foods that take longer than 25 minutes or are so delicate that the direct exposure to the heat source would dry them out or scorch them.



  • Open the lid of your gas grill and make sure all control knobs are in the off position.
  • Slowly open the valve on your propane tank all the way or turn on the gas at the source and then wait a minute for the gas to travel through the gas line.
  • Light each burner individually, from left to right, following the owners guide instructions for your grill model.
  • Close the lid.
  • Preheat the grill for 15 minutes, or until the grill’s thermometer registers 500° to 550°F.
  • Brush the cooking grates with a stainless steel grill brush to remove any leftover debris.
  • Adjust the burners on each side of the food to the temperature noted in the recipe and turn off the burner(s) directly below where the food will be placed. Close the lid and allow the grill to come to the proper temperature.
  • Place food on the cooking grate.
  • For best results, place roasts, poultry, or large cuts of meat on a roasting rack set inside a disposable heavy-gauge foil pan. For longer cooking times, add water to the drip pan to keep drippings from burning. The drippings can be used to make gravies or sauces.



There are a variety of styles to suit your kitchen, whether it’s for convenience, spacing, or design. Below are easy to follow explanations of common styles and how they can benefit your lifestyle:


Bottom Mount KitchenAid

The freezer is located at the bottom and can open with either a swing door or pull out drawer, depending on the model. The top refrigerator compartment offers a single door that is ideal for storing items of a variety of sizes, including beverages and condiments.

  • Eye-level visibility and access to fresh foods versus a Top Freezer, without having to bend down to access them.
  • Allow for frozen food items to be stored in an organized manner (either in a basket or shelves, depending on the model)



French Door Refrigerator

This sleek design has two refrigerator doors side-by-side that swing open like French doors. The freezer is conveniently located on the bottom with a pull-out drawer.

  • Offer outstanding flexibility in organizing your fresh and frozen food with more shelving and door bin options
  • Some models come with temperature control options to keep your food at its optimum freshness
  • Available in 3, 4 or 5 door options to fit your kitchen and your lifestyle needs



Side-by-Side Refrigerator

A stylish look with the freezer and refrigerator placed next to each other vertically, providing convenient eye-level access to both refrigerator and freezer.

  • The refrigerator side offers good organization for fresh foods with flexible shelving options and door storage
  • The freezer side has great visibility options for freezer foods with shelves and bins, or baskets, making finding your freezer food items quick and efficient
  • Side-by-Side fridges come in a variety of width, depth and capacity to fit your kitchen design


Built-In Refrigerator

A timeless showpiece to go with your dream kitchen. Built-In refrigerators generally are taller and wider than freestanding fridges to maximize capacity. While this style is always counter depth, some of these refrigerators will also be flush with your cabinetry for a seamless, integrated look. They are typically installed during a kitchen renovation because they need to be built in to the cabinetry.

  • They often come with Panel Ready options that allow the exterior to match the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, creating a seamless look within your kitchen
  • Built-in fridges come in a variety of styles like French Door, Bottom Freezers and Side-by-Side
  • Available with ice making and water dispensing options
  • Come in widths of 36”, 42”, 48” and wider


Refrigerator Dimensions Diagram  Refrigerator Dimensions Diagram

To make sure you get a perfect fit for your home, you will need to measure the space you have for the refrigerator carefully. As fridges come in many width and height configurations, measuring correctly is very important.

Follow these steps and remember to measure twice:

1. Measure the width, height, and depth of the refrigerator space.

2. Measure the hinge space where the door swings open. This needs to have approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm) of clearance so that the doors can swing freely.

3. Measure the door opening space in front of the fridge to ensure the door will be able to open fully.

4. Account for ventilation space; there should be at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) of extra room for the refrigerator at the top and back to allow proper airflow all around.

5. Ensure your refrigerator will fit through any doorways, hallways, and stairs it may need to pass through to be set in place.

Helpful Tips:

• Common widths include 24”, 30”, 33”, 36”, 42”, 48” (61cm, 76cm, 84cm, 92cm, 107cm, 122cm).

• Most products will have specific guides for fridge dimensions that can be found online that help you confirm the dimensions you need for your space.


There are a variety of helpful features available depending on the style and model of your fridge. Here are some important features to consider:

Food Freshness

Refrigerator Interior with Preserva® Food Care System

Look for these features that will help keep your food fresher longer:

  • Humidity control drawers – These drawers come in different sizes and quantities, depending on the refrigerator. They allow you to adjust the humidity level of the compartment, keeping your produce at the optimal freshness for a longer period of time.
  • Produce preserver options – Absorb ethylene gas omitted by certain fruits and vegetables in the crispers to extend the freshness of your produce.
  • Programmable temperature controls – In order to best store your meats, fish, beverages and vegetables, controls allow you to adjust how cold certain areas of your fridge are to suit your grocery needs. Normally found on crispers, pantries, and French Door fridges with 4 or 5 drawer configurations.
  • Air filtration systems – Filters built into the fridge can help eliminate bacteria and odours to help keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.



5-Door Refrigerator with open doors

Look for features that make it easy for you to keep your foods neatly displayed and easy to find.

  • Adjustable shelving – Flexibility in adjusting shelves is important when storing a variety of items of different heights, whether they are party platters or milk cartons.
  • Size of door bins – Can help make your beverages, condiments and items you want to be accessed quickly easy to grab, while maximizing your refrigerator space.
  • Extra spaces like pantry drawers, deli shelves, and temperature-control drawers can provide a variety of options for storing various foods. Pantry drawers are great to store deli platters and appetizer trays easily.
  • Tiered shelving in the freezer helps improve storing and retrieving of your favourite frozen food items.



Water & Ice dispensing

Refrigerator Door Exterior Ice Dispenser

Some fridges come with the option of dispensing filtered water and ice. This feature requires you to have a water line available to connect to your refrigerator. External Dispensing vs. Internal Dispensing options:

  • External Water and/or Ice Dispenser: A convenient option where the dispenser is located on the exterior of the refrigerator. Perfect for those who get thirsty often, this dispenses both filtered water and ice without having to open the refrigerator door. Offered features include measured fill and cube and crushed ice options.
  • Internal Water and Ice Dispensers: The Filtered Water dispenser is accessed from inside the refrigerator. The icemaker located in the freezer dispenses filtered ice into a bin where it is stored for easy access for whenever you need it.


Energy Label


  1. Compare. Check the label for the type and size information to be sure you are comparing models that are truly similar
  2. Check the number.For appliances, the number is a measure of consumption, not efficiency: the lower the number, the better.
  3. Use the scale.The scale identifies, at a glance, the models’ energy performance compared to similar models. (The further left the pointer is on the scale, the better).