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LG Recipe: Minted Limenade

Calling all citrus-loving enthusiasts! Spark some joy at home with this pleasing DIY Minted Limenade mocktail! Chill it with perfectly round Craft Ice made in the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

LG InstaView Door-in-Door® with Craft Ice™ (CNW Group/LG Electronics Canada)

The perfect twist to a classic limeade drink, this version is topped
with fresh strawberries and lime slices – giving it the perfect touch of
colour and citrus. This easy and refreshing drink is family friendly and
will become a staple to have in your refrigerator, but feel free to add
rum for an adult version of this fun drink!

Ingredients: :
1 ½ cup sugar
2 ½ cup water
1 bunch fresh mint (about 3
/4 cup), washed and on the stem
1 1/3 cup fresh lime juice
Ice Cubes
Strawberries and lime slices for garnish
Rum (optional)
Makes 4 cups

  1. Place the sugar, water and mint in a pot.
  2. Bring the sugar, water and mint, slowly up to a simmer. As
    soon as a simmer is reached, remove the pot from the heat,
    strain and allow to cool to room temperature.
  3. Stir in the lime juice and serve over ice.
  4. Garnish with your choice of mint or fresh strawberries and
    lime slices.

Recipe by Chef Anna Olsen

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