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Italian Cool. Luxury Design. Introducing Fhiaba Appliances

Fhiaba Built-In Refrigeration & Wine Coolers stands out as a luxury brand in the household appliance sector. They utilize select materials and the best technologies to respond to the most demanding requirements of the preservation of food and wine.

TA Appliance is proud to announce that we have exclusive Fhiaba models in Ontario & only at TA Appliances. 

Classic cassetto Trimode Style-0299

All Fhiaba products encompass a set of values and know-how. The models are made in Italy and stand out due to their sophisticated design, stainless steel finishes, the broad range and countless possibilities for customization. Some of the amazing & unique Fhiaba features include:


Fhiaba Access Menu
User friendly, multi-language control for all appliance functions and settings via an elegant glass touch interface


EvenLift Shelves
Sliding shelves on Fhiaba’s patented EvenLift system can be adjusted to any height in the fridge compartment without removal. The interior of the refrigerator is quickly modified with ease and speed.


TriMode Bottom Drawer

Fridge, fresh food, or freezer: simply select the desired mode through the Fhiaba Access menu to modify the operating mode of the bottom drawer. A unique and versatile function that makes the food preservation system extremely flexible to manage.


Vacation Mode
To limit energy consumption during short holidays, it is recommend to turn on the Vacation function to reduce the operation of the compressor and to optimize storage and energy consumption. The activation period can be selected.


OptiView LED Lighting
The OptiView lighting system uses modern LED technology to ensure an optimal view of the interior. Ten LED arrays light the refrigerator compartments from above, while 7 individual spot lights illuminate distinct areas of the fridge & fresh food compartments and TriMode drawer.

Antibacterial interiors
The stainless steel interiors are mechanically treated to reach ‘zero porosity’ and to prevent the spread of bacteria. Absence of corners and crevices makes clear refrigerator is quickly modified with ease and speed.


Fhiaba’s ProVent ventilation system encourages uniform distribution of cold air in all fridge compartments by laterally circulating air. The system maintains uniform temperature throughout allowing for better food preservation conditions.


Equilance Hinges
Patented hinge system with dual pivoting movement and self balancing roller will allow for as little as 1/16″ reveal and can hold a total weight of up to 220 lbs (100kg)

soft closing

Soft Closing Systems
State-of-the-art mechanisms ensure the slow and silent closing of drawers and doors every time.


Two compressors and three evaporators are the heart of Fhiaba’s triple refrigeration system which, in combination with the compartment separation, guarantees maximum freshness, preserving each food product at  dedicated temperatures.

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About Fhiaba
In the 1970s, this family business started manufacturing the first industrial refrigerators, laying the foundations for what would quickly become the most comprehensive range of equipment for high-performance professional food and wine preservation via the most innovative technologies available at the time.

After more than 30 years in the commercial market, the Baron Family turns it attention to the premium residential refrigeration and Fhiaba is born. The primary objective for Fhiaba is to be the first premium commercial residential refrigeration company to develop a North American style built-in refrigerator for the home. Where others build residential refrigerators with a commercial look, Fhiaba’s goal was to build a refrigerator that encompassed all the key features that have been critical to their professional consumers such as; extremely hygienic interiors, ease of cleaning to remove bacteria, accurate temperature control, extended preservation, extended operating life and durability, and minimal operating noise and vibrations.

TA Appliances is proud to be an exclusive Ontario dealer of Fhiaba products. 



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