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Are you Rose Bold?




There’s a certain confidence that comes when you’re not afraid to make a statement. A perfectly tailored coat… a bold wall color… a classic leather tote—these are timeless pieces that define your signature style. We can relate. Our Limited Edition Series exudes our signature style: sharp, unexpected, and totally on point. Designed for fellow style enthusiasts, like you.
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It’s with this in mind that Viking proudly introduces, for the first time in our history, a custom-designed release: the Cast Black + Rose Gold Limited Edition 7 Series Range. Cloaked in Contemporary Cast Black, this is the signature design piece that will capture the attention and eyes of everyone in the room. Touches of copper-toned accents add just the right amount of shine. And because accessories always complete a look, we’ve added CoolLit™LED backlighting to the knobs for a so-cool-it’s-hot finish.

Why is it in the spotlight? It’s the first custom-designed range in our 7 Series Limited Edition line. Under this banner, one special range will be designed and released each year with limited production runs and the edition number tastefully etched on the control panel. Each Limited Edition range will boast our signature 7 Series performance and functionality with style that is sure to impress for years to come.

Yes. People will stare. Let them enjoy the view.

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