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Introducing JennAir Noir



NOIR™ features structured angles and mirrored accents to create an edgy, minimalist spectacle that’s daringly modern

Crisp Craftmanship Noir-caroel-wall-oven.jpg

Sculpted Perfection

Dual-stacked burners, precision-drilled from solid brass. Materials built to last – solid steel construction and an endless expense of dark glass, veiling the face of the appliance from edge to shadowed edge. This is a new standard of excellence.


Alluring Aesthetic

Modernity awaits through the use of the matte and reflective stainless steel surfaces. The angular handle and knobs surprise with a inscribed lace pattern that flows in and out of the view – daring you to indulge.


Master your domain in a digital ecosystem that defies limitations, harnessing the power of connected appliances and smart home devices, all from the JennAir® app. Remote connectivity and meal-prep suggestions. Monthly insights and home reporting. Entertainment preferences and expert advice. This is total control, untethered.


Shop JennAir at TA Appliances

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