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Thermador – Rome at Home: 5 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Like Little Italy

Posted by Megan Spies for Thermador Blog

When in Rome (or while in your home), do as the Romans do. I’m just coming back from a two-week vacation to Italy, and I wanted to bring home some of my favorite Italian traditions to share with friends—there’s nothing quite like Italian hospitality when it comes to enjoying a delicious meal in a lived-in luxurious setting. Here are some of my favorite ways to make my space feel like Italy:

1. An Italian Setting

Transform your kitchen and dining space with a few Italian touches. Place plants or flowers in your windowsills, incorporate linen napkins into your place settings, and set a bowl of fresh citrus such as lemons or oranges on your counter. Adding natural shades to your space such as terracotta, burnt orange, or gentle yellows can also make your home start to feel like Rome.

2. Classic Aperitivo

While entertaining, be sure to indulge in a traditional Aperitivo experience. I love hosting Aperitivo as it’s like a happy hour, but much more luxurious—my girlfriends love when I host them. Every evening while in Italy, we would begin with an Aperol Spritz around 5pm. To recreate at home, I mix 3oz of prosecco with Aperol and a splash of soda water, keeping all ingredients chilled to perfection in my Under-Counter Refrigeration Unit. For a special touch, I like to garnish each drink with a fresh orange slice. Accompany this delicious drink with salty, savory sides such as meats, cheeses, olives, and nuts.

3. Primi & Vino

A simple, yet elegant dish makes for the perfect Italian meal. Enjoy fresh pasta topped with extra virgin olive oil, rich tomato sauce, basil, and spices. I always serve my pastas with red wine, and like to lean on the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ to recommend an exceptional pairing to accompany each dish.

4. Evening Espresso

After dinner, extend your Italian experience with a single espresso or small coffee drink. I use my Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine to create my perfect cup of coffee. When I close my eyes I can envision myself enjoying a delicious brew in Italy. The WIFI coffee machine, equipped with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™, can store up to 8 personalized beverages by name so family or dinner guests can program their favorite drinks—from a single shot espresso, to tea, to a latte.

5. Luxury of Time

Remember, the full Italian experience means taking time to enjoy your day. To truly make your home feel like Rome, arrange your own flower or plant arrangements, serve each course slowly, and take time to tell stories and enjoy the company of those around you.

Have you incorporated any Italian or other country-inspired details into your home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: and @Thermador.

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