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Discover: Thermador Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

As a rule, Thermador is a brand dedicated to delivering consumers showstopping products that provide a luxurious experience. With a sleek design and a stainless steel finish, Thermador makes every effort to impress with the new plumbed Thermador Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine.

Built-in drainage instead of a water tank ensures your coffee machine is ready when you’re in need of your next cup. A water and drain connection eliminate the need to empty a drip tray, as water is replenished directly into the machine from a plumbed water source. This provides the full barista experience without even leaving home.

The machine is also fully equipped with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ that enables coffee-lovers to create beverage orders remotely through the app—it’s truly every espresso connoisseur’s (and tea-lover’s) dream.

Every entertainer knows the importance of coffee after dinner, and the Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine elevates a predictable evening espresso. The Home Connect™ app allows hosts to impress even the most well-traveled coffee enthusiast by offering guests their choice from up to 28 coffees from around the world. And with options for both plumbed, and non-plumbed units, it’s easy to cater to guests—turning every gathering, meal, and sip into an exceptional adventure worth sharing.

The machine also has Coffee Customization, perfect for reoccurring selections so entertainers can store up to 8 personalized beverages by name. This feature is perfect for frequent dinner attendees, houseguests, or family members who love programming their favorite drinks—from a single shot espresso, to tea, to extra-large cappuccinos.

The Built-In Coffee Machine has a full-color LCD screen, flush installation, settings for different size beverages, a hidden milk container, and front access to espresso beans and water.

This stunning new plumbed Built-In Coffee Machine fits seamlessly into the daily lives of coffee-aficionados, while adding a generous dose of luxury.

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