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Is there anything more visually satisfying than a drastic “before and after” project? Prominent interior designer Marc Thee, co-founder and design Principal of Marc-Michaels Interior Design based in Winter Park, Fla., is known for his worldly travels, luxurious designs, and leading authority on home fashion.

In November, Marc revealed his one-of-a-kind showhouse in Orlando featuring several sleek Thermador appliances from our new collections. “Thermador’s new product launch set a level of excellence that I needed to live up to with every design decision I made in this kitchen,” Marc noted. “My goal was to create a kitchen that was worthy of the Thermador brand.” Marc opened the impeccably designed residence to the public and will be offering showings for a full year. While all of Marc’s designs are beyond, this Orlando home just might be my favorite.

Marc is known for his cohesive yet daring design. The striking accents at this home exemplify just that. He selected textured cabinets and walls and paired them with the sleek and luxurious Thermador 18-Inch Built-in Wine Preservation Column.

The kitchen takes on a life of its own with engaging and colorful art installations, seamlessly integrated appliances, and multiple types of stunning, fully-functional storage space. The earthy tones and morning light in this space make it my favorite room in the home. Marc loves how this space turned out too and adds, “The [Liberty] induction cooktopsits on the counter like water, so translucent and barely there—liquid luxury. The range hood above adds permanence to the wall and celebrates the quietness of the cooktop.” The stainless steel Built-In coffee machine is another highlight in the kitchen. Marc describes, “The coffee system has been a friend and family favorite. It’s the first place people run in the morning and also provides an amazing after dinner espresso to continue the evening.”

The showhouse is filled with bold blues and beautiful charcoal-colored walls, extraordinary art, and carefully curated décor. Polished woods and shades of gray fill the interior of the home and every creative choice feels deliberate and exceptional. Marc concludes, “Since I insisted on surrounding myself with products I believe in, my love affair with Thermador had to be acknowledged.” We love you too, Marc! xxx

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