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Since 1916, Thermador has been synonymous with exceptional. We introduced America to the cooktop, rolled out steam and convection ovens and opened the door to personalization with column refrigeration. Now, Thermador is transforming the culinary experience even further with the introduction of highly innovative new cooking appliances, spanning two distinct, newly designed collections: Masterpiece®and Professional. Breaking the boundaries of innovation, design and technology, the statement-making new appliances elevate the ultimate entertainer’s experience, building a personal connection in a way like never-before.

Freedom® Induction Cooktop

Exclusive to the Masterpiece® Collection, the revolutionary Freedom® Induction Cooktop boasts the largest fully usable cooking surface on the market within its class. With 30-inch and 36-inch models, the entire surface of the cooktop can be used as one large cooking area – with the 36-inch model allowing for up to six pots or pans to be heated simultaneously in any position and controlled using an enhanced full color touch screen with clear, vibrant displays.

For the exceptional cook who enjoys unparalleled freedom of movement, the Freedom® Induction Cooktop sees to it that there is no need to manually adjust settings – the cooktop automatically detects the presence of cookware on the surface and transfers all programmed settings to the next location whenever it is shifted, offering more responsiveness and flexibility – ideal for the ultimate entertainer who’s juggling multiple dishes for the dinner party.

The cooktop also boasts a bevy of smart, intuitive features that elevate the luxury cooking experience. When paired with the Home Connect™ app, the Cooktop Hood Sync feature allows cooks to enjoy synchronization between the cooktop and matching hood for task lighting and ventilation for select models. Additional features such as Freedom Sapphire Glow™ provide visual feedback when a pot is moved or heated, further enhancing your culinary adventure, while Freedom MyZone™ allows you to change a preset power level simply by moving a pot or pan on the cooktop – ideal for bold recipes that require frequent temperature changes. Transcending culinary limits, the Freedom® Induction Cooktop pulls out all the stops.


Convection, Steam and Speed Ovens

With the newly designed convection, steam and speed ovens, Thermador introduces a collection of cooking appliances that cater to a variety of culinary endeavors – with exceptional innovation baked right in. Spanning two distinct styles – Masterpiece® and Professional – the luxury ovens serve as the perfect sous chefs for exceptional cooks. All-new convection ovens boast a multitude of preset modes, allowing ultimate entertainers to perfect even the most adventurous recipes – while the groundbreaking new steam ovens feature a large steam capacity of 2.5 cubic feet with 30” width and multiple racks. A multi-faceted appliance, the all-new speed ovens combine convection baking, broiling and microwaving into one powerful unit. No matter your culinary preference, your Thermador oven is sure to stand out – empowering you to express yourself through your culinary creations.

For exceptional cooks who prefer a modern, sleek and refined look, the Masterpiece® Collection boasts an elegant aesthetic – complete with stunning metallic gray glass, vibrant color displays and sleek, contemporary handles crafted with high-quality stainless steel. For a look that makes a grand statement, the Professional Collection exudes bold features and bright color displays, striking metallic gray glass and distinct handles crafted with high-quality stainless steel. Equally jaw-dropping, both Collections offer complete design flexibility, with the option for flush or standard installation – so you can seamlessly integrate your oven into the way you live.

The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect

Because enhancing the luxury experience is always top of mind, Thermador is building a personal connection with you in a way like never-before, with the ultra-innovative Thermador Connected Experience by Home ConnectThe Thermador Connected Experience takes consumers on an exceptional culinary journey by connecting them to exclusive content, unique partnerships and customized product guidance. With features such as Remote Start and mobile notifications, you can cook smarter from the Home Connect™ app and know when your culinary creation is hot and ready to enjoy. The app will also give you access to a world of culinary inspiration, including exclusive recipes, control from your mobile devices and remote diagnostics for the ultimate user experience.

With the statement-making new cooking appliances, Thermador delivers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that truly embodies luxury living.

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