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Crown Verity: Amp up your grilling with these simple but practical tips and techniques.

There’s no limit to what you can do with your grill. Make the most of your Crown Verity with our grilling tips and techniques.

Before you start grilling, think about what you want your end result to be. This will be determined by the kind of food you’re grilling and how you’re going to grill it. For example, fish cooks differently than chicken. Burgers do great over direct heat while a roast is best cooked over indirect heat. Get to know your grill and don’t be afraid to customize.

Here are a few other tips and techniques to keep in mind:

Make sure your grill is sufficiently hot before you start cooking. This lets the grill and the interior get to a proper temperature that makes for more even and efficient cooking.
Oil your grill to keep leaner cuts of meat and vegetables from sticking. One recommended method is to rub a paper towel soaked in cooking oil over the grates using a pair of tongs.
Everyone knows marinating your food adds flavour. But did you know it also tenderizes your meat? It’s best to marinade overnight but even a few hours before will work. (Tip: if you’re using BBQ sauce, apply it about ten minutes before the meat is done, otherwise the sugar in the sauce will burn.)
Remember when you were little and were told not to play with your food? Same goes when you’re grilling. Once your food is on the grill, try to avoid touching it. Timed properly, most meats should only need to be flipped once before they’re done. Test with a pair of tongs first: if it’s not “releasing” then it’s not ready yet. (Even better, consider buying a good digital meat thermometer and don’t be afraid to use it.)
One thing to keep in mind when grilling meat is that it continues to cook even after it’s been removed from the grill. To avoid having that juicy rare steak turn into a medium one, make sure to allow for some additional cooking time after it’s plated.
Don’t forget the kebab (sometimes referred to as a meal on a stick). It’s quick, easy and the possibilities are endless. Grilling tip: medium-rare kebabs are packed tight on the skewer while medium-well are spaced out.
Don’t just limit yourself to meat. Vegetables are great when they’re grilled. You can do other sides, even breads. Fruits taste amazing, too. (Veggie baskets are ideal for this.)
Ever heard of breathing room for food? Leave some space in your grill that has no direct heat. Turn off the burner in one corner. This carves out a place to keep food warm yet doesn’t cook it.
When grilling, keep the over/under rule in mind. When you’re grilling, it’s recommended that you be under. Why? You can always put undercooked food back on the grill to finish but if it’s overcooked, there’s no going back.

Happy grilling!

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