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Bosch Appliances Make Perfect Mini Pizzas


Everyone loves pizza! So it seemed logical to try my hand at making my own homemade cheesy delights – with my Bosch oven in my corner, of course. Before I invested in this gorgeous product of German engineering, I had attempted to make homemade mini pizzas before, only it wound up being a lot more trouble than it was worth.

The main problem that I encountered was the fact that because I was making a large amount of mini pizzas, I had to place them on separate racks within the oven. This resulted in some of the pizzas cooking faster than the others and me falling into a flat panic as I tried to remove them from the oven in batches. Luckily, thanks to my Series 8 oven and its unique 4D Hot Air function, I knew that this wouldn’t be an issue for me this time around…

The 4D Hot Air function ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the interior of the oven, leading to consistent results regardless of which shelf, or shelves, onto which you place your food. Knowing this, I was quite excited to put my new oven and mini pizza-making skills to the test. Here is the recipe I followed.

What You Need:

– Store-bought Refrigerated Pizza Dough
– 1 jar of Tomato Pizza Sauce
– Your own choice of toppings, sliced / chopped (we opted for ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato)


  1. Line your baking trays (however many you will be using) with baking paper.
    2. Next, place your pizza dough onto a well-floured surface and press down with your fingertips. The thickness of the dough will depend on your preference.
    3. Using a round cutter, cut the dough – you should wind up with about 18 rounds.
    4. Place the rounds on your baking trays, leaving ample space between each one.
    5. Use a knife to spread the tomato sauce all over each round and add your toppings – be generous!
    6. Choose the correct program on your oven (‘Mini Pizzas’) and place your baking trays inside. Your oven will do the rest.
    7. Once the pizzas are ready, you will be notified with an audible signal.
    8. Remove the pizzas and serve immediately while the cheese is still soft and gooey.

I’m pleased to report that my Mini Pizzas were a massive success – and made for the ideal Saturday evening munch-fest with the family. Not only was the cheese perfectly melted and the crust perfectly crisp, but all of the pizzas were cooked consistently and were ready to come out of the oven all at the same time. I didn’t even have to remain in the kitchen to monitor their progress. I can honestly say that 4D Hot Air is amazing! I actually don’t know how I coped without this particular feature for so long.

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