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How Central Vacuums Work – Vacuflo

When your home needs a good cleaning, a vacuum is a great tool to remove dust, particles and debris. Sometimes lugging a vacuum cleaner is inconvenient, and when it bumps into furniture it can cause scratches and dents. There is a better way to clean carpets and floor surfaces and preserve clean indoor air quality.

A different, more cost-effective way to vacuum involves installing a central vacuum, without having any bulky hoses to carry, which can ultimately cost less than a high-end movable unit and increase your home’s resale value.

How Central Vacuums Work

The biggest difference you may notice when you have a central vacuum in your home or condo is that you won’t need to carry heavy and bulky equipment around your house. Vacuflo Hose Management Solutions place inlets in convenient locations around the house. This technology removes dust and dirt through tubes inserted in the walls that connect to a receptacle in the garage or basement. The unit is permanent and only requires you to use a lightweight, retractable hose and an attached carpet or hard surface floor brush. You’ll never need a cumbersome machine (or hoses to carry) again.

The central power unit (set up in a convenient area in the house) reaches more remote rooms like the basement, garage, or the utility room. The tubes in the inlets connect to that central vacuum. We have developed a “true cyclonic cleaning system” – dirt is pushed into a dust container rather than unnecessarily passing through filters. By eliminating the need for filters, our process keeps the air cleaner and saves homeowners money spent on future vacuum service and repairs.

Vacuflo ( installs central vacuums throughout Ontario, with distribution from Toronto (and from Calgary for western Canada). Our technology provides a healthier and cleaner home environment, using maximum airflow and optimal cleaning power. Central vacuums contain the dirt and fine particles that would otherwise be expelled by a regular vacuum cleaner and circulate in your home.

When you’re ready to let go of your old and bulky vacuum cleaner, give our team at TA Appliance a call!


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