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Frigidaire: Abbey’s Kitchen – New Years Resolution Tricks

It’s the month following a delicious holiday season, and that can only mean two things. One, we have some serious new years resolutions. And two, we have a lot of gifted chocolate still kicking around the house.

How can you resolve this inevitable dilemma without driving yourself (and your family members) nuts? Check out my top five super easy mindful eating hacks that will trick you into eating more healthy without even thinking.

1. Prep and Portion- Right after you go grocery shopping, wash, chop and portion up some easy to grab baggies of healthy snacks. I like to make my own snack-size yogurt cups by putting ½ cup of greek yogurt into a container with ½ cup frozen berries on top. I also fill my crisper with bags of sliced bell peppers and celery. In the pantry, I portion out 1 ounce servings of almonds into baggies (about 23) and divvy up the natural popcorn into 2-cup plastic bags.

2. Rearrange the Fridge- Put all of your portioned out fruit and vegetables, low fat Greek yogurt, and pre-cooked sliced protein front and centre in the fridge so they’re the first thing you see when you mindlessly open the door. You need to make them as accessible and easy to grab as possible so that when you’re feeling impulsive, your first instinct will be to grab the baby carrots and not the pudding cup.

3. Swap Your Serving Ware- When I inherited my grandmother’s dishes, I was amazed at how small they looked in comparison to what we tend to eat off every night. But in reality, they’re not small- our dishes are just super sized! Try serving dinner on smaller plates to trick your brain into eating less because you won’t be tempted to fill empty space with larger portions.

4. Get Out of the Kitchen- A lot of people have a habit of setting up their laptop at the breakfast bar or on the kitchen table but that’s basically setting you up for a world of temptation every time someone grabs a snack. Boredom can also be a factor in mindless eating, and let’s be honest, boredom kitchen = eating as entertainment. Try to set up your mobile office as far away from the kitchen as possible. If you’re apartment is tiny (let’s be honest, it probably is), maybe think about packing up and heading to a local library. Hey, you’re not even technically allowed snacks there!

5. Serve Selective-Family Style – If you typically serve your whole meal family style at the table, consider switching up your dinner-time routine. Serve the higher calorie items like your meat, sauces and starches in the kitchen, and bring a large bowl of salad or vegetables to the table. Still hungry after your first portion? No need to go into the kitchen for more pasta, there are plenty of low-cal, high fibre veggies right in front of you to help fill you up.

So there you go- five super easy mindful eating hacks that will help you eat better this year without even knowing you’re trying.

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