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For many of us, coffee is the first thing we turn to in the morning to jump start the day. It’s also the medium that brings us together with family and friends, slows us down to enjoy a few minutes with a book in a favorite chair, and gives us the afternoon energy to keep going.

There’s also an art and entertainment value in the actual process of making coffee. While the end result—a warm mug of black nectar—may be what we desire, we can also learn to enjoy the art and even science behind making a really good cup of coffee.

Here are my favorite ways to make an incredible cup of joe, while also enjoying the process that goes into making that cup.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Grind Beans Before Making Coffee

The best cup of coffee is always achieved by using freshly-roasted coffee beans and grinding the beans just before you brew. There are many ways to grind coffee beans (hammer, stone and chisel or a spice grinder), but you’ll always find that a burr grinder is a baristas top choice for grinding beans.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Beyond just the taste difference, grinding your own beans allows you to be in complete control of the entire coffee-making process. The KitchenAid® Burr Grinder features 15 different grind levels, allowing you to achieve the perfect grind for your preferred coffee-brewing method.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Weight Matters

A scale allows you to achieve the perfect ratio between coffee beans and water, whether you (and your guests) like a lighter brew or a darker brew. A weight measurement keeps your coffee-brewing consistent—every gram counts!

The KitchenAid® Digital Scale Jar Burr Grinder Accessory allows you to weigh your grounds as they come out of the Burr Grinder so you don’t have to worry about weighing out just enough beans ahead of time. This means you can keep coffee beans in the Burr Grinder at all times. You’ll always be ready to make coffee.

In order to determine how many grams of beans are needed to make coffee, consult the KitchenAid manual that comes with your coffee maker.

Once the freshly-roasted coffee beans/grounds are weighed (according to the manual instructions), it’s time to make coffee using your favorite method. There are many ways to make a good cup of joe. Let’s talk about a few of my favorites.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Hands-On Coffee

The KitchenAid® Precision Press Coffee Maker is a simple way to enjoy the hands-on process and control of making coffee.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Precision Press Coffee Maker doesn’t use a paper filter to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee. Instead, the coffee grounds are steeped in the water, resulting in a tiny amount of grounds in the final coffee. This results in bold, flavorful coffee.

You can also use the Precision Press Coffee Maker to weigh the amount of coffee grounds and water to your ratio preference. The timer also lets me time my brew time perfectly.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Hands-Off, Pour Over Coffee

Most weekday mornings in my home are quite busy. There’s very little time for slowing down when lunches need to be packed, breakfast needs to be served, and children need to get ready for school.

Even in the busyness, I can still enjoy really good coffee, and even enjoy the art of making it with the KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Brewer.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Pour Over Coffee Brewer allows me to enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes similar to a hands-on, pour over method, but in a fraction of the time due to a one-touch automatic button. And the Pour Over Coffee Brewer makes up to 8 cups of coffee—enough coffee for multiple people. That’s something most traditional pour over methods can’t do.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Artistic Coffee

If you’ve ever been to a fancy coffee shop or spent time perusing coffee videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen the siphon method used to make coffee. This method is incredibly entertaining to watch.

Siphon coffee brewing is not only a beautiful process to watch (and we eat/drink with our eyes first), but it also produces incredibly smooth-tasting coffee thanks to a traditional, immersion vacuum brewing technique.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The KitchenAid® Siphon Coffee Brewer allows me to get back to using this traditional method with a simplified, automatic approach.

The Siphon Coffee Brewer isn’t a coffee brewer I reach for on a daily basis (that’s where the Precision Press Coffee Maker and/or Pour Over Coffee Brewer come in handy). Rather, it’s a statement coffee maker—one that’s brought out in our home when we want to really enjoy the artistic beauty of making coffee or entertain our guests and serve them a cup of joe at the same time. 

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

Cold Brew

Cold brew is my beverage of choice most afternoons, along with water. Making cold brew is a fascinating process, that calls for steeping coffee grounds in water for about 16 hours (give or take a few hours for taste preferences), and then removing the grounds from the now concentrated coffee.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The KitchenAid® Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows me to make cold brew easily using a stainless steel steeper basket and glass storage container. Once the steeper is removed from the coffee (after the steeping time), the glass storage container is kept in the refrigerator and the coffee is ready to be enjoyed all week long.

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

The Art of Making Really Good Coffee

How about you? Do you have a favorite method for brewing coffee? What about the method do you love—the flavor, the experience, the beauty of the process?

*The Contributor of this post has been compensated by KitchenAid for this post, but this post represents the Contributor’s own opinion.*


Pour a better brew. Enjoy the flavor and control of the manual process with on-touch convenience. Brew up to 8 cups of clean and bright pour over coffee in the convenience of your kitchen. Learn more

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KitchenAid® Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Now you can have the perfect grind at the precise weight with the Digital Scale Jar, designed for the KitchenAid® Burr Grinder. Designed and engineered for the KitchenAid® Burr Grinder, or as a standalone unit, to simplify the process of weighing the right amount of coffee beans. Learn more

KitchenAid® Digital Scale Jar Burr Grinder Accessory

KitchenAid® Precision Press Coffee Maker

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KitchenAid® Precision Press Coffee Maker

KitchenAid® Burr Grinder

Designed for the ultimate performance and reliability, the KitchenAid® Burr Grinder uses stainless steel burrs to grind coffee consistently at any of the 15 available grind levels. The glass bean hopper holds up to seven ounces of whole beans that you can quickly grind for French Press coffee, automatic drip coffee makers, espresso or anything in between. Learn More

KitchenAid® Burr Grinder

KitchenAid® Siphon Coffee Brewer

The KitchenAid® Siphon Brewer automates the manual vacuum brewer process to deliver a bright, rich cup of coffee in the convenience of your home. Easily brew 2-8 cups of siphon style coffee. Learn More

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