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When it comes to dish care, we are all about redefining the prototype. Long gone are the days when dishwashers played a supporting role in the kitchen – we know culinary stories begin and end with dish care. With the launch of the all-new Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher, this luxury appliance takes center stage!

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Whether prepping for a large dinner party or cleaning up after a long day of cooking, the Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher anticipates every need. Providing the ultimate in washing and drying solutions, the luxury dishwasher delivers unparalleled performance, capacity, speed and flexibility – and offers a host of features. From cleaning and drying serving plates before the party, to refreshing wine glasses during the gathering, to thoroughly cleaning cookware once guests have left, no detail has been overlooked.

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Equipped with several patented features, the Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher embodies everything the exceptional entertainer needs and more. With innovations such as the Entertainer’s Drawer, users are provided with two inches of clearance for hard-to-place items that are usually hand-washed or that take up valuable space on the top rack. With the industry-first Star Glow, customized lighting adds extra ambiance when preparing or cleaning up after a meal, allowing users to choose from three vivid shades of blue or three radiant shades of white. Only the best for your dinner guests!

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Most impressive of all? With the ability to hold up to 18 wine glasses on the top and bottom racks, the Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher offers the largest wine glass capacity in the industry! Star Speed® also offers the fastest hot water cycle on the market, so glasses can be washed in an unprecedented 20 minutes, seeing to it that you will always be ready for your next pour.

Smooth Glide Racks serve to minimize friction and noise, and feel smooth to the touch no matter how many times you load, so you can discreetly fill the dishwasher while still entertaining. And, with the Time Remaining Powerbeam®, you will always know exactly how much time is left, so you can quickly get back to your guests!

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A sleek stainless steel design and premium touch-screen control panel completes the package, and comes with a choice of two handle designs, flush installation and the option to utilize a custom panel.

With the Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher, never again will you have to press pause during an exceptional culinary story – all you will have to push is “start.”

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