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Meet the Traeger Timberline


Meet the Timberline. Born from the insight and experiences of Traeger users across the nation, then perfected by a team of engineers and BBQ experts, it’s our most advanced grill in 30 years. Crafted for everyone from the backyard hero, to the competition pitmaster, the Timberline gives you the control to customize your wood-fired cooking like never before. This masterpiece started with you. Together, we’ve rewritten the rules for cooking with fire.

Our inspiration for the Timberline came from you. That meant spending time on your turf to talk with you, cook with you, and learn from your unique Traeger experience. You pushed our grills to the limit, so we created a grill that will push yours.
No one knows barbecue better than the folks in the competition circuit. So we collaborated with some of the top BBQ and culinary professionals to create a grill that keeps their competition cooks a cut above the rest on the road or at home.
With the help of a team of top engineers, we designed a grill that gives you the control you crave. Superior structure and design, combined with new features like Super Smoke mode and WiFIRE control, allow you to craft your food better and turn up your skill set every time you turn on the grill.

Timberline Features.jpg

Smoke Science.jpg

WiFire Control.jpg


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