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Thermador Design Tips Inspired By Summer


If you’re anything like me, the kitchen has long been the centerpiece of our home. And with summer in full swing, there is nothing more gratifying than playing host to your family and friends. From sharing newfound spices with one another to creating unique culinary experiences, the kitchen is one of the liveliest (and for my family, most full!) rooms in the house.

Whether you’re just getting started on building your dream kitchen or you want to brighten up your space with delightful designs that speak to the season, here are my suggestions for creating a fresh, season-inspired room that serves both your cooking needs and your lifestyle.


Beat the Heat with Cool Summer Blues



Coastline colors are making their way into kitchens across the country. Whether or not your home is beachside, bold blues and oceanic undertones can transform your kitchen into a summer state of mind. Light blue and turquoise colors give a room a summery, relaxed feel. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to change a space. Try an accent wall a few shades lighter than the surrounding walls for an instant refresh.


Double up for entertaining



If you’re like me, entertaining is one of the major themes of summer. While double ovens are vital when you are cooking for multiple dinner parties, double dishwashers are just as essential! As rare and magnificent as the gemstone it’s named for, the Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher includes everything the power cook needs. With features such as Star Speed™, never again will your guests be left waiting for fresh wine glasses, as up to 18 at a time can be washed and dried in 20 minutes—the fastest full hot water cycle in the industry! Plus, with the top row Entertainer’s Drawer, you’ll always have room for those specialty culinary tools, saving valuable space on the top and bottom racks. The signature Sapphire Glow® illuminates glassware with the most beautiful sparkling blue light and is sure to impress your guests. It’s all in the details!


Invite the outside in



Say “so long” to dark drapes and throw open the windows! Bask in the warm breeze and let the sunshine in to provide natural lighting that will capture the laid-back vibe of the season. Plants and herbs? They’re not just for cooking! While they certainly complement any dish, plants also bring on the visual charm. A bouquet of freshly cut lavender and rosemary smells absolutely divine and makes a gorgeous centerpiece. Wooden accents also create a classic beach-rustic look that is both stylish and livable.


Blossoming blooms



It wouldn’t be summer without fresh florals! Whether you opt for playfully patterned place settings or a fresh bouquet from the garden, flowers easily transform the space and are a key component to any gathering. From adding extra color, to infusing texture and scent, or just setting the mood with their natural beauty and style, festive florals play an important part of any entertainer’s expression.

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