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How to Choose White Wine You’ll Love [Infographic]

Choosing the perfect white wine can be confusing. All of the regions, tasting notes, and food pairings can be a lot to take in.

We wanted to create something that could be a simple guide to white wine flavours and pairings at a glance.


Choosing the perfect wine comes down to taste. There is no hierarchy of wines. All you have to do is drink what you like. Simple, right?

Storage however, is a lot more objective. It’s been quite the journey for your wine all the way from grape to bottle. So it’s important to preserve its integrity so that it can be enjoyed as the winemaker intended. This means keeping the wine away from light and vibration, and keeping it between 11°C and 13°C (52°F – 55°F).

Danby wine cooler in loft

The best way to do this is with a wine cooler like this freestanding Danby 38-bottle wine cooler. With its elegant tempered-glass door designed to protect your collection from potentially harmful ultraviolet rays, you won’t have to worry about light harming your varietals. Equipped with anti-vibration wire shelving, your bottles rest safely inside. And with temperature control between 4°C and 18°C (39.2°F and 64.4°F), your bottles will always be kept at their best temperature.

Store your wine properly and drink what you like. You can’t go wrong.

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