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Let Freedom® ring! When it comes to cooking, Thermador never settles for the status quo. From ranges to ovens to cooktops, Thermador continues to break boundaries in the kitchen—and the Freedom® Induction Cooktop is no exception. With innovative features that are nothing short of groundbreaking, Freedom® Induction empowers cooks to step up from a traditional round element surface to one with no limits. The cooktop offers more flexibility, effective space utilization, responsiveness, precision and power for when things really start to heat up in the kitchen.


At 36-inches, the Freedom® Induction Cooktop offers the largest cooking surface in the industry. The sleek design comprises transparent ceramic class with 48 individual three-inch induction heating elements below the surface. With the elimination of predefined elements, the cooktop has a 63% more effective cooking area, allowing for added flexibility to cook with various pots, pans and griddles of many shapes and sizes. In fact, you can place up to 4 pots or pans anywhere on the cooktop surface in any configuration! The design holds more than 30 international patents.


Featuring the first full-color touch-screen interface on the market, the easy-to-read display allows for quicker access to cooking settings and gives live updates as cookware is moved to a different position. The intuitive, natural-mapping user interface automatically recognizes the size, shape and position of the cookware to deliver heat evenly and quickly to the desired location.


The Freedom® Induction Cooktop delivers instantaneous and precise temperature control, making it as responsive as gas. With a range of 4,600-watt maximum power output, PowerBoost® technology lets you boil water faster than any other cooking element in its class.

The sleek aesthetic of the Freedom® Induction Cooktop pairs beautifully with the Thermador Masterpiece® Seriesoven collection.

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