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Perfection is a touch away with the new SHARP SuperSteam+ Oven

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It’s three ovens in one, letting you cook the way you want – with Steam, Convection heat and now, with
Superheated Steam.

Start your epicurean journey, of rediscovering your favourite recipes, with wholesome, fresh, and flavourful ingredients, using cooking methods that don’t require large amounts of additional fats, resulting in fewer calories.
SuperSteam+ oven does more than just add steam to convection dry heat. With variable steam options, from gentle steam at 90°F to super-heated steam at 485°F, and controlled heated steam flow in upper, mid and lower zones, you can now grill and roast to perfection, simmer and sauté, or use gentle steam for proofing, defrosting and warming. Combining Steam, Steam+Convection and Convection cooking methods, the Sharp SuperSteam+ oven is truly the ultimate cooking appliance. With Sharp’s SuperSteam+ oven you won’t have to compromise on taste or appearance.
Steam Options – Sharp doesn’t just add steam to convection or dry heat. Sharp takes steam past the boiling point of 212°F and raises it up to 485°F at the source. Better known as “Super Heated Steam”, this high temperature steam allows for the advantages of steam and the browning affects of convection cooking. Controlled distribution of super heated steam allows the oven to grill, and roast to brown and cook evenly.
Air Direct Plus – Sharp’s unique damper air flow system directs super heated steam or dry heat to the selected food for optimum cooking.
The focus is on performance.
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Cook Healthier – Steam cooking is a healthy cooking method. First, since food is cooked by direct contact between steam (conduction) as well as the movement of the hot vapor through the food (convection), no oil is needed to conduct the heat. Often, just a squirt of lemon juice is all you need to add to a steamed dish. This makes steaming a lower-calorie, low fat cooking method. Food stays moist, too, since it is being bathed in water vapor. Also, since water soluble nutrients (namely Vitamins C and B) don’t leach out into vapor, steaming preserves more nutrients.
Smart Cook – More than 50 preset cooking modes for quick convenience cooking with a wide range of steam or conventional dry heat.
What’s for Dinner – 28 menu’s including Meals for Two, Family Meals, Healthy meals plus Vegetarian and Vegan meals.


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