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In a smaller home, whether it’s 500 square feet or 2,500 square feet, you have to make the most of every inch. So here are my top 8 ways to live large in a smaller space:


1 – Add lots of light. Small spaces can seem cramped rather than cozy if they’re too dark. Let in all the natural light you can, and add great lamps and fixtures, too.


2 – Open it up. Wherever you can, keep your spaces open by removing walls and barriers that block light. That makes a room seem bigger and takes advantage of every inch.


3 – Kill the clutter. You have to really edit what you have in a small home, so be sure you get rid of excess stuff. Hide magazines, books, toys, anything that takes up valuable space.

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4 – Maximize every inch. Look for appliances and furnishings that deliver big function in a smaller package! Like the Thermador 30-inch Professional Series Pro Harmony Range that gives you amazing power but takes up less room. Or you could really think out of the box and select the Thermador under-counter 24-inch Double-Drawer Refrigerator! It takes up less space, but still offers fabulous food preservation. And be sure to take your kitchen cabinets right to the top of the ceiling!


5 – Add clever storage. Look for great ways to add extra room, like a built-in banquette that opens up to reveal a storage bin below.


6 – One color to rule them all. Consider a single color to dominate your small space. Having that limited palette actually creates the illusion of a larger area.


7 – Double the function. Choose furnishings that have multiple uses, like a daybed that can sub for a sofa, and can provide a comfortable bed.


8 – See clearly. Use mirror, glass, and Lucite pieces in a room to reflect light and create a feeling of openness.


Use these tips to create a grand feeling in your smaller spaces!


This blog was originally posted on the Thermador Blog by Toby Fairley

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