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Remarkable performance and bold design come together in a Monogram Advantium® speedcooking oven.


Discover the joys and conveniences of speedcooking.

When time is of the essence or dinner party plans have multiple dishes simmering on cooktops and filling the ovens, a Monogram Advantium® speedcooking oven rises to the culinary challenge beautifully, allowing you to orchestrate perfection with minimal effort. They save you time cooking, so you can savor more time living.


Up to 8 times faster*, with no preheating.

At today’s speed of life, when every hour seems like rush hour, a Monogram Advantium speedcooking oven keeps perfect pace. Award-winning Advantium Speedcook technology combines high-intensity halogen light with ceramic and radiant cooking elements to rapidly cook the outside of foods, sealing in natural juices. At the same time, microwave energy works to evenly cook the inside. It delivers delicious results up to eight times faster than a conventional oven, and no preheating is required.


Versatility that works to your advantage.

As a second oven over a range, the Advantium oven speedcooks your side dishes and appetizers to delicious perfection, and the evidence can be found in the look, aroma and taste. The versatility of the Advantium oven also makes it ideal as a primary oven in a galley kitchen or an auxiliary pantry.


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