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13 Scary-Good Thermador Features to Boost Your Halloween Bash

Halloween is all about costumes, tricks and treats and bobbing for apples, right? Wrong! Halloween is a fun and festive holiday for culinary enthusiasts to get creative, throw a big party and shine like the star (g)hosts they are.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a party, from preparing the menu, to selecting décor, to putting together guest lists and playlists – and making it all happen flawlessly is no easy feat. The host with the most can rest easy knowing Thermador offers a “lucky 13” array of products and features to help throw a spook-tacular party!

Star Burner

1. ExtraLow® – Melting chocolate or caramel for candied apples has never been easier! Set your Star® Burner to ExtraLow® and let the magic happen. The burner will cycle on and off, maintaining the perfect temperature for delicate sauces without fear of scorching or ruining them as you entertain guests.

2. PowerBoost® – Want to boil water quickly for your famous deviled eggs? The PowerBoost® feature heats cookware faster than any other type of cooking technology and cuts down time for meal prep.

Induction Cooktop

3. Freedom® Induction CooktopDon’t be afraid to pull out your oversized cookware this Halloween. This intelligent appliance recognizes the size, shape and location of a pot or pan, so you can easily cook enough for a large crowd.

4. Steam OvenNo kitchen is complete without the power of steam. Easily roast your pumpkin seeds AND your veggies for light and delicious side dishes.

5. Professional GrillBOO-hoo? Says who? Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t make grilled burgers or fish part of your fall

6. Warming Drawer – You’ve worked hard to prep the perfect meal for your friends and family – keep it warm and ready to go using the Thermador Warming Drawer.

Micro Drawer Microwave

7. MicroDrawer MicrowaveThe best part of fall is sipping on warm drinks that keep your hands toasty. Hang on to that feeling and reheat your guests’ hot tea, cocoa or apple cider all night long!

8. Bar Mode – For guests that prefer a cooler refreshment, make sure to keep them frightfully chilly using the Bar Mode setting on the under-counter Double Drawer Refrigerator.

9. Super Freeze – From hot to cool to colder – the Super Freeze option on Thermador freezer columns will ensure your party’s boozy pops are quickly frozen to perfection.

Wine Bottles

10. Wine Columns – Don’t spook guests by running out of wine. Thermador wine columns are equipped with dual temperature zones to keep every vintage red or white varietal chilled to perfection. A wine column in every room will also ensure a drink is always within reach!

 11. Diamond Ice – Regular ice cubes melt quickly—and they’re frightfully boring. Splash some Diamond Ice into your guests’ cups, and your cocktails will stay bone-chillingly cold all night long.

12. Fully Automatic Built-In Coffee MachineBring those tired souls back to life with a jolt of caffeine. There’s no reason your party has to end when your guests can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the touch of a button.


13. StarSpeed™Don’t be scared to run out of plates and glasses. With StarSpeed™, the industry’s fastest washing cycle clocking in at just 20 minutes, you can serve delicious food and drinks again…and again…and again!

Now that we’ve got prep and execution under control, it’s time to get your party started. Have a monstrously good time!


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