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Thermador: 5 Star Products to Look For

By now you must’ve heard this is the 100th anniversary of Thermador. We’ve learned a thing or two about product innovation and kitchen design over the decades, and we’ve produced some amazing – and groundbreaking – appliances. It’s tough to pick favorites, that’s like asking a mother to decide which of her kids she loves best. But for now, we’ll highlight a few of our shining stars.

Thermador Refrigerator

  1. Keepin’ It Cool

After spending time at a local market selecting colorful, crisp and delicious seasonal ingredients, would you want anything less than the best to keep them fresh? The exceptional array of Thermador refrigeration columns are designed to keep ingredients fresh & easy to find, with features like bright LED theater lighting inside, storage drawers that can be programmed to preserve particular items at their optimum temperatures, air that flows through the doors so you can keep items like milk there, and more. We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to preservation needs, so we’ve designed our refrigeration options to empower culinary enthusiasts to mix and match our refrigeration columns with our wine and freezer columns to create a completely customized Culinary Preservation Center. These can be installed in timeless stainless steel – OR – they can be outfitted with custom panels to match the surrounding cabinetry, or a unique material that will turn the unit into a work of kitchen art.

Thermador 60-Inch Range

  1. Bigger & Bolder

Cooking is at the core of what Thermador is about, which is why our cooking appliances continue to heat up the American kitchen after all these decades. For our centennial year we are proud to introduce the 60” Pro Grand® Range Collection, taking cooking personalization to the next level. This incredible range allows home chefs to select what surface and oven combinations works best for their personal cooking and entertaining style. On the surface pick from a Dual Zone Griddle or a Professional Grill and griddle combo, and for the ovens choose from two convection ovens or a convection oven with a steam and convection oven and warming drawer. Once the chef picks their configuration, they’ll soon find that with the amazing design and size of this appliance, three is never a crowd – as many as three cooks can seamlessly use the appliance at one time!

Thermador 60-Inch

  1. Steam It Up

Thermador introduced steam and convection ovens in 2010, and reheated pizza just hasn’t been the same since (thankfully!). Cooking with steam continues to grow in popularity for the numerous benefits associated with it. Thermador steam and convection ovens give culinary enthusiasts all the benefits of cooking with steam combined with the power of convection – all in one appliance! Moist and flavorful meals, perfectly browned meat, healthier cooking and tastier leftovers are just a steam away!

Freedom Induction Cooktop

  1. A Taste of the Future

Cooking without boundaries, can you imagine it? Thermador did and the Freedom® Induction Cooktop came to life in 2012, taking induction cooking to a whole new level (and, not to brag, but we have over 30 international patents on it). This incredible appliance is so smart that it can intelligently recognize the size, shape and position of the cookware to deliver exception cooking performance. Can you top that?

Under Counter Refrigerator

  1. A Piece for Every Room

We’re all about big and bold, but we also love to make smaller spaces have big impact. For our 100th year we balanced the release of the big and bold 60” Pro Grand® Steam Range with a selection of under counter refrigeration– the ideal complement to our full-sized line of culinary preservation columns. Whether you are looking to install a Double Drawer Refrigerator in your bedroom for drinks and midnight snacks, or a Wine Reserve Refrigerator in every room of your home so a sip of wine is always nearby – we’ve got you covered.

Thermador Kitchen

Beautiful appliances are kind of our thing, and we’re so proud of the products we’ve created over the last 100 years. Stay tuned and check back in often…you never know when we’ll announce the next big thing!

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