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Free Samples – Comerco Laundry Detergent & Dishwasher Tabs

Clean your dishes and your laundry the environmentally friendly way with Comerco Diswhasher tabs and Laundry Detergent. Get your FREE sample at TA Appliance and discover the difference.

Laundry Detergent


Why You Should Try It

  • Multi-action:
    • Washes
    • Softens
    • Reduces Static Cling
    • Enhances Stain Removal
    • Can Be Used for Pre-Soaking
    • and much more!
  • Fresh Scent
  • No Need for Additional Products: whitening agent or fabric softener are not required
  • Environmentally Responsible & Budget Friendly: 1 bottle of Comerco = 5 bottles of most major brands
  • Biodegradable & Phosphate Free
  • Super Concentrated HE formula – up to 160 loads per container!
  • Efficient for all types of washers
  • Also available in hypo-allergenic formula


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Dishwasher Tabs

pastilles_lave-vaisselle-ten (1).png

Why You Should Try It

  • Powerful cleaning action all-in-one
  • Detergent with active agents for:
    • Soaking
    • Rinsing
    • Super shining
    • Water softening
    • Glass and silverware protection
  • This dishwasher tablet may be used in all types of dishwashers
  • It will not damage septic tanks and its envelope protects against humidity infiltration
  • No need to rinse or prewash; this detergent eliminates stubborn stains, burnt residues, tea and coffee stains and dissolves grease without leaving any rings or residues on your dishes, glasses, cups, cutlery and silverware
  • Phosphate & Chlorine Free
  • Certified Biodegradable
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