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Blomberg Ventless Heat Pump Dryer

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At 24 inches wide, big things now come in small, efficient packages. The NEW Ventless Heat Pump Technology and state-of-the-art design from Blomberg® provide unparalleled clothing care while working in harmony with nature, your home, and your life.


To keep clothes at their best, Blomberg dryers circulating air temperature is 40% lower.* The dryers also feature a special woolen cycle for longer garment life.


Designed with small-space living in mind, the 24″ width, 4.1 cubic foot capacity, compact dryer is perfect for homes of all sizes


 The ventless heat pump technology with easy installation allows builders and designers the flexibility to place dryers anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to hall closets.

Shop the Ventless Heat Pump Dryer at TA Appliances and Barbecues 

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