Over the past 100 years many design trends have come and gone. Vivid pink floral tiles may be a thing of the past, but there was a time when this was the hottest style trend and would have made neighbors green with jealousy.

While some vintage design trends quickly disappear, never to be heard of again, others become iconic and classic styles that are reused over and over throughout the decades. Thermador is a 100-year-old brand that has been through the best and worst of design trends – including the days of pink tile bathrooms. What can we learn from the kitchens of the past?

Color Appliances


The biggest kitchen style obsession during the 1920s was keeping the heart of the home sanitized and sparkling clean. This means that all-white kitchens were the rage, accompanied by a big porcelain farmhouse sink. The 1930s was a true game changer in kitchen design, due to the introduction of electric appliances. Thermador also launched its flagship line of cooking products in the 1930s! The use of bright and bold colors like yellow, blue and green emerged during this era, perfectly contrasting with checkered or patterned floors. During the 1940s and 1950s the use of color in the kitchen continued, however some families began to slowly transition to a more modern style. In fact, in 1947 Thermador pioneered the first stainless steel kitchen with a matching cooktop and wall oven (so far this is the only color that has NOT gone out of style for appliances!)

White Thermador Kitchen


The sixties were all about making a statement in the kitchen and you could often find mismatched colors and popular patterns in every room of the home. White appliances were also very trendy during this time period, especially the Thermador white wall ovens. In the 70s and 80s kitchens slowly began to move away from bright pastels as homeowners enjoyed earthy tones like wood and dark green.

Thermador 60-Inch Range


As homes got bigger so did the kitchen, and when the 90s came around homeowners began to eliminate style trends of the past and renovated with minimalism in mind. When it comes to kitchen design, homeowners often opt to blend different materials, finishes and colors to create unique and interesting spaces. Combining different types of wood, tile patterns or stone finishes can make the difference between lively and lackluster. As a result, refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges and other appliances became as decorative as they are functional. The standout stainless steel appliances that Thermador is well known for make a bold complement to a variety of other materials, from rustic wood to contemporary marble.

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen and color trends can come and go, but a smart mixture of textures and colors can take any kitchen design to the next level. With appliances that offer various options for personalization, Thermador allows culinary and design enthusiasts to create a kitchen that is as artistic and creative as the art of cooking itself.