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Eggvantages of the Big Green Egg


Cooking in the Big Green Egg is easy – even your mistakes taste better than your successes cooked on an ordinary grill!

  • Ready to cook in 10 minutes with no lighter fluid
  • Ceramic walls retain heat with accurate temperature control and no hot spots
  • There is no need to add more charcoal while cooking; unburned charcoal can be reused
  • No constant tending required; with enclosed cooking there are no grease flare-ups
  • The Big Green Egg withstands temperature extremes from below 0ºF to 1800ºF
  • Can be used year-round, even in freezing temperatures and rain
  • Surface stays cooler than metal grills and is safer around children
  • Weatherproof ceramics won’t rust like metal
  • Handsome, decorative and unique design

Better than Water Smokers

A water smoker is made of metal and requires a pan of water to keep foods from drying out. Water smokers are very slow, taking up to 12 hours to smoke a turkey or ham. It is difficult to maintain temperatures, on a cold or blustery day they become inefficient. The Big Green Egg®:

  • Cooks your ham or turkey to perfection in just a few hours
  • Minimizes drying heat loss; your foods retain their moisture
  • Dispenses with the need for messy water pans and frequent refilling
  • Makes cleanup a breeze; there is no greasy mess
  • Uses very little charcoal and produces very little ash

Better than Gas Grills

The Big Green Egg offers the best of both charcoal and gas grilling options – fast start time and charcoal flavor. The Big Green Egg:

  • Fires up in 10 minutes
  • Cooks juicier, more succulent foods
  • Allows you to grill meats rare, medium, well done, or anything in between
  • Cooking time is faster than on a gas grill
  • Reaches a hotter searing temperature than ordinary gas grills

Better than Kettle Grills

Kettle grills rarely cook evenly and they tend to have hot spots. The Big Green Egg:

  • Retains, circulates and radiates heat evenly for perfectly cooked meals
  • The EGG® holds the heat – the kettle loses heat, especially in cold or windy weather
  • The Big Green Egg keeps food moist – the kettle dries food out
  • The Big Green Egg is Number 1!

More are sold each year than all other ceramic  style cookers combined.

  • There are more Big Green Egg dealers in the US and abroad than dealers for all other kamado syle cookers combined! If you move, it will be very convenient to locate a local dealer.
  • It is estimated that seven out of ten kamado style cookers in use today are a Big Green Egg product.

Want to discover more about the Big Green Egg? Join our Big Green Egg Cooking School coming to a TA Appliances near you. Click here to find out more. 

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