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The first 50 years of Thermador were remarkable – we changed the way appliances were viewed, sparked life into the kitchen design industry, and began our legacy of innovation. This was a special time in Thermador history, and we’d like to share a few of our favorite ‘firsts’ from these decades.

Thermador Vintage Heater

Today, this 100-year-old brand is well known for its innovative appliances, and historically we have always pushed the limits with innovative appliances. Before Thermador even began producing kitchen appliances, we were developing and introducing innovative products that had never been heard of before. Thermador heaters, like the one pictured above, from the 1920s were likely the first “built-in” home appliances.Matching Thermador Cooktop and Wall Oven

As “The Kitchen of the Future” began to take shape and more Americans expressed a growing interest in kitchen design, Thermador innovation produced the world’s first wall oven with a matching cooktop in 1947 – making it possible to be more creative with how appliances were incorporated into the kitchen. While other manufacturers were producing colorful tile and white appliances during this time period Thermador also pioneered the first stainless steel kitchen.

First Thermador Pro Range

The brand showed no signs of slowing down, and during the 1950s introduced the first Pro Range, which was a stunning 48” stainless steel appliance featuring six burners and dual ovens. This appliance has greatly evolved since the 50s, and just in time for our 100th anniversary we are introducing a groundbreaking 60” Pro Grand® Range Collection, the perfect culinary tool for today’s ultimate culinary enthusiast and entertainer.

Cooktop with Griddle

In 1952 Thermador introduced the first electric cooktop, combined with a smooth griddle, which continued to provide Americans with a wide selection of appliances and cooking surfaces. Personalization is a very hot trend right now, but as we take a look into the past it’s evident that Thermador established itself as a brand that provides real cooks with choices that enable them to shape the heart of their home around their unique style.

First Warming Drawer

In 1952 Thermador introduced the first warming drawer to the American kitchen – a supplementary appliance that allowed culinary enthusiasts to keep bread rolls and side dishes warm while putting the finishing touches on a meal. This new product also allowed the host to bring a restaurant quality experience to guests with warm plates, something that had never before been offered within the home.

Thermador Built-In RefrigeratorAs kitchen design trends evolved more Americans enjoyed the look of built-in appliances, and in 1957 Thermador brought the first “Bilt-In” residential refrigerator to the market. Now culinary and design enthusiasts were able to create a complete Thermador kitchen with stainless steel, built-in appliances!

First Self-Cleaning OvenThe United States underwent a significant economic shift during the 1960s as women entered the workforce in greater numbers. During this time period the kitchen was still seen as a woman’s domain, but as traditional gender roles began to be redefined and women took jobs outside of the home there was growing interest in conveniences to make household chores simpler. Conveniences like the first self-cleaning oven, which Thermador created and introduced in 1963 and is still a popular oven feature to this day.

First Black Glass Oven DoorsThroughout its history, Thermador innovation has set numerous trends so it’s not surprising that the brand was the first to take a bold leap and kick-off a 40+ year trend with the first black glass oven door fronts. This style has carried into modern day, and you can see is still prominent even among the newest appliances being introduced to the industry.

Vintage Thermador Kitchen
During our first 50 years, Thermador introduced many other products to the market, such as the first ever built-in can opener, the first stainless steel dishwasher and different sizes of cooktops allowing multiple configurations. A true trendsetter, Thermador was, and continues to be, a brand that is committed to being a leader in the kitchen industry and producing innovative appliance for the culinary enthusiast.

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