Danby: Be Harvest Ready with these 7 Freezer Storage Tips

Be Harvest Ready with these 7 Freezer Storage Tips

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Do you have customers looking for additional freezer storage space? Provide them with these great freezer-ready tips!
1. Know what’s actually freezable

Fruits and vegetables with high moisture content (like lettuce and watermelon), dairy products (like yogurt), and fried foods are examples of things best kept out of the freezer.

2. Freeze in usable portions

It might be tempting to just throw the whole value-pack of chicken pieces straight into the freezer, but you’ll regret this shortcut later when you only need a few pieces and the whole thing is one frozen mass.


3. Freeze things flat

Put that leftover chili in a freezer bag, seal, and lay the bag flat in the  freezer until frozen. Flat things of an even thickness are easier to stack or organize upright in a container.

4. Choose the right containers

Air circulating around frozen foods can lead to freezer burn, so your best bet is to find a container as close to the size of what you want to freeze as possible. If you’re using plastic bags, make sure you use thicker freezer bags, and press out as much air as possible.

6. Don’t store ice cream in the door

The door is the warmest place in the freezer, so don’t put high-fat items like ice cream there where it can run the risk of melting and refreezing.

7. Label!

Taking the time to label and date foods means you’ll never have to guess what’s inside.

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