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Take Your Restaurant To The Next Level with the Urban Cultivator

Discover the Urban Cultivator for Your Restaurant 

All restaurants and chefs have one thing in common – the passion to provide the highest quality dishes to the customers. The Urban Cultivator could be that one thing that sets you apart from all of your competitors. Nothing is fresher than growing your own herbs and greens from your very own restaurant.

The Urban Cultivator Commercial gives you the ability to provide the freshest herbs and greens possible for your customers. Designed to accept the flats of herbs you already receive from your supplier, keeping your herbs and greens growing until the minute they are needed.



Greens for a Fraction of the Cost

With Urban Cultivator driving your herbs and greens needs you can be sure that you will be making a difference and saving a buck in the process. The Urban Cultivator Commercial can cut herb and micro-green costs in your restaurant by up to 90%, paying for itself in just months!

Accepted by Discerning Chefs

High end chefs have already accepted the local movement and turned to Urban Cultivator to help them provide the freshest and best tasting experience for their customers.

Whether they are lowering their food costs or growing hard to find herbs and greens that otherwise would not be on the menu, Urban Cultivator provides a winning combination of value and high end results

Use One Flat Multiple Times

Some herbs and greens give you multiple harvests, providing you optimal freshness and saving you money. For the more involved and discerning chefs, start a few flats of your own hand picked, hard to source herbs and greens. From growing to plate in mere minutes.UrbanCultivatorCommercial_02

“Food doesn’t need to be complicated, but it is important to know where it comes from.”


Still unsure if the Urban Cultivator is right for your business? See what Chef Ned Bell of Yew Restaurant in the Four Seasons Vancouver has to say about the Urban Cultivator in his restaurant.

The Urban Cultivator is available in Residential or Commercial options. If you’d love to learn more about this great product, please contact  your nearest TA Appliance store for more information.

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