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Get Retro with Elmira Stove Works Northstar Appliances

1412401_878726558837518_5682646376038192930_oIf you love the retro look, you can have it all year round in your kitchen with the Elmira Stove Works Northstar collection.

Northstar appliances aren’t just for retro kitchens. Imagine the beautiful lines and spectacular colors of these ranges – of a full suite of Northstar appliances – in your contemporary, modern or arts-and-crafts kitchen! And with features and options like 15,000 BTU gas “Superburners”, 2500-watt high-speed radiant elements, true convection ovens and a two-cubic-foot warmer; Northstar ranges are up to some serious performance.

Think this might be the appliance for you? You can now visualize the different colours and items available with the Elmira Stove Works visualizer. 


Discover all the Elmira Stove Works products at TA Appliance. You can also win your very own Northstar retro fridge by entering on our Facebook Page! Click the image below to enter:


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