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Introducing The Whirlpool® Front-Control Range

Introducing The Whirlpool® Front-Control Range

This blog is courtesy of our friends at Whirlpool. 

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Whirlpool is known for designing stylish appliances that simplify your life and their brand new range is no exception.

Ordinarily consumers have two choices when shopping for a new range. A Freestanding Range has rear controls and fits into a standard 30’’ wide cutout without any renovation or alterations. A Traditional Slide-in Range has a refined look with front controls, is shallower in depth and requires some countertop alterations or filler strips to give it a built-in look. These models are generally more expensive than freestanding ranges.

The NEW Whirlpool® Front-Control Range is a hybrid of both models giving you the look you want while fitting seamlessly in your existing cutout. It has a professional look, superior features and is easy to install in any kitchen. The full-depth design means no alterations are required. The majority of Canadian homes have a 30’’ cutout for their range, so it’s simple to transform your existing space into something exceptional using this new innovation from Whirlpool®.

Choosing Your Range

Whirlpool’s Front Control Ranges are available in electric or gas depending on your preference or existing set up.

Electric Models:

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* Ice Collection model

Gas Models:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.43.57 PM

* Ice Collection model

Consumers then have the option of Fan Convection or upgrading to True Convection for both electric and gas models.

Fan Convection: This range has two heating elements – one is on the bottom for baking and one is in the top to broil. A fan then moves air continuously throughout the range, evenly cooking your food faster and more efficiently than a conventional oven.

Fan Convection is best for achieving fast results – for example, a lasagna dish that needs to be melted on top and cooked throughout.

True Convection: This range has a third heating element along with the fan to blow heated air throughout helping you achieve excellent results every time.

True Convection is best for achieving consistent, even baking results – for example cookies or muffins.

Black Ice Collection Aesthetically Superior

This range is sleek and modern with premium weighted knobs and digital oven controls for ease-of-use. The Front-Control Range has knobs at the front so you can easily control and adjust the temperature for perfect results every time.

This range is available in White, Black, and Ice Collection colours to match your current kitchen appliance finishes.

Features You’ll Love


More Capacity – More room to cook all your favourite dishes – big and small! The electric model has 6.2 Cu. Ft. of space while the gas model has 5.8 Cu. Ft.

Frozen Bake™ Technology – Go from frozen to cooked in just one step. No pre-heating required!

AccuBake® Temperature Management System – Get consistent results every time. This system senses the temperature of the oven to ensure optimal heat and even baking.

TimeSavor™ Plus True Convection – TimeSavor™ seals in flavour and juices while providing optimal, even heat on every rack. The rear fan and third heating element work together to cook food faster with perfect results**.


Panoramic Window – The large panoramic window makes it easy to monitor your cooking progress without opening the oven door.

Premium Storage Drawer – Easily access and store items in the storage drawer conveniently located underneath the oven.

AquaLift® Self-Clean Technology – An energy-efficient odour-free cleaning cycle uses water and low-heat to break down baked-on foods from the bottom of the oven, in under an hour. After the cycle is complete, simply wipe the excess water and soils away with a dry towel.


Five Element/Burner Cooktops – Depending on the model, 5 Elements or Burners provide plenty of cooking space so you can comfortably make multiple dishes at once.

** Feature not available on all models.

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