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Induction cooktops offer Canadians a wealth of enviable features ideal for professional and home kitchens alike:

  • Safety first – As an induction cooktop uses a magnetic field rather than flames or elements to create heat, its surface remains cool to the touch, except for just underneath where the cookware sits.
  • Quick clean-up – The cooktop’s smooth, flat cooking surface area is easy to clean, and because it doesn’t get too hot, food doesn’t burn onto its surface.
  • Cool to the touch – Since the cooktop doesn’t heat up, your kitchen stays cooler – never worry again about heating up the kitchen while hosting a dinner or creating that special dish during the hot summer months.
  • Heating efficiency – Induction technology heats up cookware so fast that it can boil water and cook food faster than any other type of cooktop.

The Panasonic KY-B84AX Induction Cooktop is available at TA Appliance. We are currently offering an instant rebate and other great Panasonic offers. You can view the current offers on our website. 

If you are in the Mississauga area this weekend (Saturday November 15th), we will have a Panasonic Chef at the store between 12-5pm to demonstrate all the great features the induction cooktop and the Panasonic wall oven has to offer. The chef will be making banana fritters and lemon chicken for attendees to enjoy. You can visit the TA Appliance Mississauga store at: 1655 Dundas St E.

Get more of Panasonic Cooking on their Facebook Page for more information and for delicious recipes.

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