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Panasonic: Convection 101



Professionals love working with convection heat because food can be cooked at a lower temperature for a shorter period of time.

Convection ovens are perfect for heating, baking and broiling. They also create exceptional results when it comes to a few kitchen favourites:

o Air leavened foods like cream puffs, soufflés and meringues rise higher than in a conventional oven.

o Yeast breads are lighter, more evenly textured, more golden and crustier.

o Roasted meat and poultry are juicy and flavourful on the inside while brown and crispy on the outside.

o Convection broiling works exceptionally well for grilling thicker cuts of food.

o Herbs, fruits and vegetables are easily dehydrated.

The Panasonic HL-BD82S Built-in Convection oven is available at TA Appliance.

Check-out for more information and for delicious recipes.

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