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With over 130 years of production and expertise in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg is a quality name in the European household appliance market. Now owned by Arçelik A.S., the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, Blomberg has gained a sizeable presence in the European home. For years Blomberg has been setting trends in both technology and style, and continues to employ technologically advanced appliances, while still keeping the everyday family life in mind. As a widely recognized international name, Blomberg has established itself in North America with an ever-expanding line of appliances that have superior features and quality. In the coming years, Blomberg has its sights set on becoming a leading brand in the United States and Canada, just as it has been in Europe for so many years. Blomberg has introduced an outstanding collection of refrigerators with advanced German engineering and state-of-the-art designs.

Retail-Observer_March edition-3The Blomberg brand, whose mission is to be in harmony with every aspect of life, offers harmonious solutions for customers with its products. With technological, practical and environmentally friendly features and aesthetic design, the brand aims to reach its customers with the motto “in Harmony with Your life.”

The implications of the motto “in Harmony with Your life” can be seen in the details of the products. The brand which aims to add conformity to life with the subtexts “in Harmony with nature, with the Future, with You” also carries this mission to its products.

The Blomberg product range is “in Harmony with nature” through its environment friendly production facilities and energy efficient products. All Blomberg products are Energy Star® qualified, offering you cleaner laundry while saving you money and energy. Some Blomberg fridges are recognized by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) most distinguished Energy Star Most Efficient 2014 mark for the year 2014. Additionally, for two years in a row – 2013 and 2014, Blomberg compact washing machine WM 87120 nBl00 has won Best of Year Award from

Blomberg’s exclusive blue light technology allows fruit and vegetables to continue photosynthesis while in the fridge. The blue zone is a special crisper illuminated with blue light, which is essential for healthy plant development. Through a constant supply of blue light rays, your Blomberg refrigerator will maintain the vitamin value of fruit and vegetables so you can have them fresher and juicier for longer, enable Blomberg to be “in Harmony with the Future.”

Retail-Observer_March edition-4Blomberg products are also “in Harmony with You” through practical, reliable, and sanitary features. Among these, are duo-cycle and triple-cycle frost free technology of refrigerators, FlexiDrawer removable 3rd rack in select dishwashers, and the liquid detergent compartment featured in all Blomberg washing machines.

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