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Brigade: A Rainbow of Trend-Setting Options

A rainbow of trend-setting options

Of all the challenges in kitchen design, color selection is one of the greatest. Architects and designers must juggle the available color palettes, their clients’ personal tastes, as well as product availability. Color plays a major role in setting the mood and feel of the kitchen, and the entire home.

Color is a very personal choice, and no two people have exactly the same taste. Color tastes change. The designer’s task is to sort through all of these factors and

blend them into a harmonious whole.

Designers are always looking for options — the more the better. Brigade meets the demands of designers and their clients by offering a wide range of finishes. Homeowners can make a personal statement in their kitchen by adding color to their appliances!

Brigade Professional Exclusive Color Finishes in Stainless Steel, Black, White, Graphite Gray, Apple Red, Cobalt Blue and Burgundy. Brigade branded products are available in Stainless Steel, Black and White.
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