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Panasonic: Sleek, Stylish and High Performance


kitchen1Panasonic is bringing the performance and style it’s recognized for with its electronics to Canadian kitchens with an elegant Built-in Convection Oven.

Sleek and stylish, Panasonic’s Built-in Convection Oven features a state-of-the art European twin fan system with an additional heating element, so hot air is continuously circulated to maintain a more consistent temperature resulting in faster, more even cooking.

The at-home chef will love how the cooktop’s stainless steel and half-mirror finish adds elegance to any kitchen. The oven features easy touch operation with an electrostatic touch control and dial that glow blue to match Panasonic’s suite of kitchen appliances.

In addition, eight cooking modes help ensure perfect results, and the oven’s telescopic shelf provides safe and easy removal of food from the oven.

The Panasonic HL-BD82S Built-in Convection oven is available at TA Appliance. 


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