4 Myths About Dishwashers


From pre-rinsing to hand-washing. Have you heard these myths before?

1. You need to pre-rinse your dishes.

False! While it’s important to scrape your plate, pre-rinsing is only necessary if your dishes will be sitting in your dishwasher for a couple days (or more). A good dishwasher will do the pre-rinse for you, saving you time, energy, and water.

2. Hand-washing your dishes is more energy efficient than using a dishwasher.

False! Energy and water savings for a dishwasher, even if it’s just half full will be better than hand-washing. Using an Energy Star qualified dishwasher, will save you both time and money.
For more information on dishwasher vs. hand washing, click here.

3. Water is water.

False! Not all water is created equal for dishwashers. Hard water can reduce the lifecycle of your dishwasher.

4. Cleaning your dishwasher is difficult and inconvenient.

False! Like any mechanical product, dishwashers need to be maintained but doing so is easier than you might think.  Once a month, check and clear the filter, then simply run the cycle with anAffresh® dishwasher cleaner tab in place of detergent. Doing so will leave your dishwasher clean and smelling fresh.

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