Precision Cooking with Panasonic

Cook top with ice cubesPanasonic’s Induction Cooktop brings home the power of a professional-style range in a beautiful and stylish package.

The cooktop’s built-in infrared-sensor provides a selection of temperature settings allowing for precise temperature control, to prevent overheating and deliver perfect results every time. The cooktop ensures recipes that require precise temperatures – like making hollandaise sauce and deep-frying – achieve delicious results without any effort.

The cooktop features a sleek black surface with electrostatic glass touch technology so exact cooking temperatures can be controlled with the touch of a finger. No protruding knobs or buttons makes clean-up fast and easy.

In addition to its beautiful black surface, the cooktop features a brushed stainless steel frame and an advanced anti-slipping design. When turned on, the cooktop’s IH cooking zones and control panel glow a vibrant blue to complement Panasonic’s suite of kitchen appliances.

The Panasonic KY-B84AX Induction Cooktop is available at TA Appliance.


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